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What To Do When Your Bored At Home | Top 15 Things To Do

Updated on January 2, 2013

According to psychologists, people lead almost one-third of their entire life being bored. Why is that so? Why so many people are entrapped every day, every year in a state of boredom attitude despite knowing of its adverse effects? How and can we beat this attitude? Is there any alternative to it? In order to know this first we need to discover what actually the boredom is! Psychologists state that boredom is simply a state of mind which is the ultimate reason of emotional tension or mental depression that arises whenever the work you’re doing is purposeless and there is no motivation behind that. If you’re playing (with the sand) at the riverside all throughout the day, you’ll perhaps be bored; however, if you could figure out the traces of gold at that similar place, boredom will soon be vanished.

You know when your bored at home or in any other place (even for half an hour), you burn up more nervous energy than a whole day’s work. Now you can well imagine how undesirable this attitude is! The study also suggests that boredom affects high-intelligent people more than the lower ones thus it has not been restricted to the lesser intelligence. Here I have embedded a list of things what to do when your bored at home.

Top 15 Things | What To Do When Your Bored AT Home

1. Get off your daily chores of life by running out as fast as you can, may be at the riverside, pathways, parks, or anywhere and give a real surprise to your body that you’ve never done it before.

2. Find the places where you’ve never been to perhaps because you don’t want to; but now is the right time, go for it and stop listening to everyone’s words. You’ll surely be stumbled on some of the best sights in your life.

3. Call your friends and go out for a long drive to any adventurous journey. Begin your talk by exchanging stupid words that implies no meaning whatsoever.

4. Start shouting loudly and let the world know that you’re still alive, that you’re still motivated, and that you’re still brave enough to forget any past miseries.

5. If you’re not a book-lover you better read one; this may bring some feeling in you which you’ve never felt before.

6. Post an unorthodox status on facebook and wait for your friends’ response.

7. Go out in a public park and stand with one leg for about 1 minute. Another remedy is to stand by widening your legs while leaning your forearms and place them on your side-chest, and at the same time positions your head vertically upwards so that you may see sky.

8. Create a blog on blogspot or wordpress and let the people know about weird thinking.

9. Disorganize all the things in your room including dislocating all the furniture, throwing pillows at the wall and something like stupendous or out of the blue.

10. If you’ve never sung a song, now is the time to break the shuttles and sing as loud as you can (even when you’re not good at singing).

11. Ask stupid and meaningless questions from others. Make them feel (a person) them as you’ve never been before. Go ask your neighbor why is he your neighbor!

12. Completely change your physical appearance including shaving your head, putting on weird clown-like clothes, or be a juggler.

13. Try to do a stupid magic and show it to some outsiders as if you’re the professional magician.

14. While meeting your close relatives, pretend as if you never know them before.

15. List down the persons you hated most and email them individually.


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