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What do I want if I could have anything in the world?

Updated on May 17, 2017

What do you want out of life?

This is a question that I had never taken seriously until recently when my husband asked me if we got rich what would I want? Being raised as I was; I thought it was a treat to get raisin bread. When I went to go to vocational school. I wanted to learn how to use computers and do taxes and accounting on them. Mother so nicely told me that what I was going to take would be secretarial. I was just tickled pink with that idea. When I couldn't get a job as a secretary my mother got insulting and told me I should be a nurse as there would always be sick people and my looks wouldn't matter. I had no desire to be a nurse. I am lucky I did later in life. No luck in that field either

Mother told me the next thing on the list was getting a job. Told me I had to start at the bottom. I found a job as a housekeeper in a motel. I liked the fact I could take something dirty and make it look good again. I was proud of my work. So I became a Professional Pooper Cleaner.

Here I am now fifty-four and no one to tell me what I have to like. You talk about confused. I am to old to take up the career I wanted so long ago. I am leaning to being an author. That doesn't help with what I would like to do with imaginary money. Would I make a donation to find a cure for Dementia/Alzheimers? What about a cure for cancer? This isn't something that would do me anything? I wouldn't need a new care or even a different apartment. Sure maybe a house but it wouldn't have to be the most expensive house.

How can people who have lots of many spend it so fast? I am happy being able to be me. I guess the thing I would like is my life to stay happy and content.

I have done more thinking about what I would do if I came into a large amount of money. I have thought of a couple of relatives I would leave money in a trust. My two great nephews. I would love to see their faces when they didn't have to ask anyone for anything.

I would give money to an animal rescue I know of that needs a building. They are a no kill shelter. If we got a house with a fenced yard, I would get a dog. I love animals. I don't know that I would donate to an Alzheimer's Association. I would give money to people who think they can take care of alone. These people can't get help to take care of their loved ones most of the time.

I would set up a revolving trust for me and my husband to be there to take care of us when we get older. I wonder what most people would do if they had this happen to them?


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