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What do the different types of Bulbs and Root systems mean?

Updated on March 22, 2014

The different between Bulbs and Root types

Dear Gardening Friends

Here is some information that can help you in understanding the different in bulbs

and root systems meaning? I think that this can help all kind of gardeners. So they know

the different between the different root types. Which are Bulbs and Roots.

A. Bulbs

Do you know what is a true bulb?

What are true bulbs they are Tulips,Daffodils and Hyacinths and the Christmas

plant that everyone enjoys which is the Large Flowering Amaryllis Bulb.

How can you tell if what you have is a true bulb?

A really true bulb is a very thickened,freshly,and commonly subterranean bud,usually emitting roots from itds which is found under the underside of the stem, also the flowers and the foliage comes from the center of the plant which called the crown. So that is were you get "The term"bulb"

Bulbs applies to a very large class of flowering and ornametal bulbous-like plants in their dormant

state such as corms,tubers,rhizomes,and pips.

Examples: of True Bulbs: are Lilies, Tulips, and Onions,Pips,are Lily of the Valley and Tuber: are Dahlias.

Corms: Are underground bulb-like portion of the stem of a plant consisting of

fleshy tissue with a bud at the top of the plant.

Examples: of Corms are Crocus,Gladiolus, and Crocosmia

Fibrous Roots:

Mainly they consists of thread-like,profusely branched roots of a plant with no tap or main

root development.

Examples: Of Fibrous Rooted plants are Coreopsis,and Clematis

Tubers: What are Tubers?

They are short,thickened,fleshy part of an underground stem, which develop new plants from buds, or eyes.

Examples: of Tubers are Dahlia, and Potato

Rhizomes: What are Rhizomes?

Rhizomes are underground stems which have branching close to the surface of the soil.

This stem produces roots, stems, leaves and flowers along its length.

Examples: Of Rhizomes are Bearded Iris, and Eremurus

Tap Roots: What are Tap Roots of plants.

Tap Roots are strong nearly perpendicular main root Which carries the plant axis

straight into the ground. All of the other roots of the plant are secondary to the growth of the plant.

Examples: Of tap Roots are Hibiscus and Lupines

Roots with Eyes: What are plants with roots with eyes

Plants with rhizomes are a form of rhizomes where the size of the plant is determined

by the number of buds or eyes. Such as 1 to 2 eye or 2 to 3 eye divisions.

Examples: Of a plant with root with eyes. Here are some plants with root with eyes

They are Examples with roots and eyes: Astilbe,Dicentra and ,Hosta,Paeonia I hope you try some of these plants and

have great luck growing them.

Potted Plants:

Potted Plants:What are potted plants?

This is a group of plants that usually transplant better as potted versus bare root,

or thickened freshly plant is produced from tissue culture.

I hope I explained the different between bulbs and root systems.

I would like people to Email me at my email address

if you think I should do more of this kind of hubpages. Let me know what you think of this




I Love growing Bulbs and Root Plants.

5 stars for I Love growing Bulb and Root Plants.

© 2010 Dennis Hoyman


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