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What Is Glamour and How Do I Get It?

Updated on June 21, 2017

What is Glamour Style

Glamorous design is synonymous with saturated colors, mirrored finishes, metallic finishes, textured fabrics, ornate patterns, touches of sparkle (bling), and anything fancy.

What are the characteristic of glamour?

  • Grandiose dramatic décor
  • Mirrored finishes
  • Metallic
  • Jewel tones
  • Neutral
  • Texture
  • Plush fabrics
  • Things that sparkle
  • Dramatic effect

Traditional Glamour


Traditional interior design style with a glam edge. The furnishings tend to be inspired by the Baroque and 18th century, inspired by palaces and royalty. Traditional glamour is not subtle. Architectural features are emphasized with molding and trim.

Traditional Glamour Features

  • Baroque inspired furniture
  • Molding and trim
  • Historical elements
  • Royalty inspired
  • Emphasis on historical elements

Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour also known as Hollywood Regency is Inspired by 1930’s Hollywood. This style transports you back to the Golden Age when Hollywood was full of style, elegance, and mystery. The architecture has art deco elements and the furnishings are contemporary with lush fabrics and sleek curves.

Hollywood Glamour Features

  • Art Deco
  • Geometric Prints
  • Tufted Furniture
  • Velvet
  • Curves
  • Theatrical Décor

Contemporary Glamour


Contemporary glamour embodies the features that exist is contemporary style that is prevalent today. The contemporary style has all the decorative elements found in glamorous décor. Contemporary glamour spans from the transitional style to sleek, minimal, modern style. It’s an evolving style that is hard to pin down but you’ll recognize it when you identify the key elements of glamour.

Contemporary Glamour Features

  • Straight lines
  • Minimalist rooms
  • Open spaces natural light
  • Chrome finishes

Rustic Glamour


Rustic Glamour is farmhouse chic with a touch of bling. The finishes are a combination of distressed finishes paired with luxurious finishes. This style has natural materials and muted colors and fabrics.

Rustic Glamour Features

  • Farmhouse with a touch of sparkle
  • Electric mix of old and new

Global Glamour

Global glamour is luxury with an international flair. The interiors and furnishings have been curated with décor collected from world travel. In this style, the style of the interior may be influenced by a particular country. Everything in this style is unique and the unexpected is welcomed. This style is a great way to get creative.

Global Glamour Features

  • An eclectic mix of glamour with international flair
  • Bright colors
  • International relevance
  • Artifacts
  • Décor collected from world travel

How to Bring Instant Glamour to Your Home

  • Switch out your ceiling fixture with a Chandelier.
  • Reupholster your favorite chair in Velvet
  • Replace your side tables with mirrored tables
  • Place oversized pillows on your sofa
  • Place a vase of artfully arranged flowers where they can be seen and admired
  • Add at least one piece of furniture with a shimmery finish
  • Embrace bold patters Bold patterns. Start with your window treatments.


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