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What is Window Farming

Updated on May 15, 2012

As the evolution of Indoor Gardening progresses, more and more growing techniques are becoming available to the gardener. If you’re a beginner, all the different techniques can be overwhelming. In this article I’ll cover the basics of one technique called Window Farming as well as a few of the supplies that you’ll need to get farming!

What is Window Farming? – Window Farming is the utilization of indoor windows to cultivate garden crops and herbs.

What Windowsills Can I Grow In? – Generally the best window farms are setup to use brightly lit South-facing windowsills, but East and West windows can also support healthy gardens.

What Types of Crops Can I Grow In a Window Farm? – You can grow any food crop with a properly built setup, but generally Window Farms are perfect for Herbs and Leafy Greens.

Do Window Farms Have to be Hydroponics? – In order to maximize your available window space, hydroponics is the most efficient technique for Window Farms. Soil gardens can also be established, but they generally require much more space and typically are much messier than hydroponics.

Need Clarification?

Don't let Hydroponics scare you out of window farming. Here's a couple of guides that may help with the hydroponic hump:

-Soil Vs. Hydroponics
-DWC Hydroponics

How to Setup Your Window Farm:

If you’re interested in complete detailed instructions for setting up your window farm, be sure to visit the official Window Farm website. If you’re more interested in building your own custom window farm, here’s a short list of supplies you’ll probably end up using:

  • · Recycled Plastic Bottles: Window Farming is an excellent opportunity to reuse any plastic containers you have laying around. Try to use #5pp plastics to make sure that no toxins will leach into your gardening system.
  • · Aquarium Air Pump: If you’re going the hydroponics route, an inexpensive aquarium air pump is used to feed your plants and also keep the nutrient solution oxygenated.
  • · Growing Medium: Soil gardeners should use a sterile potting mix for Window Farms, while those using hydroponics may use Rockwool, Hydroton or Coconut fiber to grow plants in.

Through this article, I hope you’ve learned the basics of Window Farming. This unique indoor gardening technique is a great way to maximize your indoor spaces. Since you’re indoors, you’ll have a harvest to pick anytime of the year! What is Window Farming? It’s something you can do today!


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    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 6 years ago from Illinois

      sounds interesting - I'm not much of a gardener but I wouldn't mind giving this a try because it seems like it would be a more manageable project than a large garden outside.