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What is a Swimming Pool Skimmer

Updated on November 7, 2012

Pool Skimmers

Ever wonder, while enjoying a dip in a swimming pool, if it is clean or not? Have you ever ponder how pool owners keep there swimming pool clean and fresh without replacing it with fresh water daily? Well, a clean and fresh swimming pool is made possible because of the advent of a pool skimmer. Read on then to understand what is a pool skimmer and how it works.

What is a Pool Skimmer?

It is a common device that can be seen in the different swimming pools. It is usually seen attached in a wall and it is connected in a suction pump of the swimming pool. Its main function is to filter debris that is in the pool. While the pool pump is circulating water around the pool, a pool skimmer on the other hand is filtering dirt and particles that passed by the filtration system of the pool. Usually, the pool skimmer collects bigger debris like leaves, insects, twig or other things that is in the pool.

How does a pool skimmer works?

The pool skimmer works hand in hand with the filtration system of the pool. As the water continues to flow around the pool, certain floating objects and debris enters the reservoir of the skimmer and in there is a removable basket where these objects are collected. From time to time, this removable basket must be checked so that it can be emptied regularly. Just simply remove the basket and replace it once all the debris are cleared out.

Different Ways in Skimming the Swimming Pool:

The use of static skimmer

-This technique is the most common is widely used by many pool owners. This is usually seen installed in the many backyard swimming pools. The maintenance of the water lever of the pool is great factor for this type of pool skimming to operate at its best. The surface tension of the water has a limited effect in attracting floating debris.

The use of floating type pool skimmer

This type of pool skimmer is said to be one of the most effective. This type is being set up by connecting it into a vacuum plate above the leaf basket. This leaf basket is then connected in the static skimmer unit using a hose. This set up is similar with the pool vacuum. This is said to be very effective because it moves up and down the water, hence it can skim at its maximum level. Because of its fine fast moving skimming performance, it has a wider range on the surface tension of the water.

Overflow/wet wall method

- This type of pool skimming method is said to be the best. The pool is being designed in a way that it can overflow in one or more walls and these walls paves the water into a balance tank or a collection point. It is then in the balance tank where the water is being cleaned and be pumped back into the pool. This type is usually used by many public pools. The downside is that it is more costly, that is why this is not usually seen in privately owned pools.

How to Clean Swimming Pools : How to Clean Swimming Pool Skimmer Baskets


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