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What is Energy Like in Your Home?

Updated on March 15, 2015
Powered home entrance
Powered home entrance | Source

To understand the energy of your home you can do several simple observations. For example, in a home where energy is good, spilled water dries slowly, flowers stay fresh in vases for a long time, metal objects are cool to touch and wood objects are slightly warm.

On the contrary, in dark houses a fallen coin doesn't jingle, milk gets spoiled quickly, hot water gets cold fast, salt is dissolved in water immediately, butter melts in no time, a candle emits smoke, its light flickers and turns out.

Check the Energy and Heal It

It is a good idea to check energy spots at home with the help of a pendulum. You can make it yourself from any kind of load: silver, copper or crystal glass. Mind though that it should belong to you exclusively.

Check areas by asking: "Is this a good place?" Backward-forward swinging means "yes", side-to-side swinging means "no". When you find a bad spot, gradually move out of it while checking the pendulum. Define the borders of the bad spot.

You can put any electric devices on the negative spots, but not books. The paper will take in negativity and pass it over to the reader.

Where the energy is highly negative, you can put pieces of wood: asp, oak, birch tree and fir tree absorb this energy, and maple, birdcherry tree, nutwood and juniper can transform it into positive energy. The pieces of wood should be regularly replaced.

Negative spots could also be neutralized with the help of a glass of water that you will pour out in the morning. You can place an egg or a silver object in the water. Use plain tap water.

In homes with good energy flowers stay fresh longer time
In homes with good energy flowers stay fresh longer time | Source

Stay Zen

If you want your home to always be clean, calm and comfortable, learn to feel this way. Remember that all your words, thoughts, feelings and worries materialize on the furniture, walls, paintings, carpets, even on home plants.

Have a container in your home, a pot, for example, and use it to put in all your blues, bad luck and troubles. When you feel that the pot is full, throw it away, and get a new one.

Don't allow yourself to get angry before going to bed: you will create a negative program for the night and won't be able to sleep. Neutralize your low spirits with a good book, funny movie, pleasant music.

Nobody lives here anymore
Nobody lives here anymore | Source

Get Rid of Old Clutter and Protect Yourself

If you have things that remind you of bad luck, are old and negative, get rid of them. Especially bad are things that are left after dead relatives. If you haven't used the thing for a year or so, you don't need it.

If your mood is very low, try to run on a bridge over a river or a stream. The running water has special energy properties. It will cut you off any jealous person or enemy.

It is a good sign to hang old shoes on a fence if you live in the countryside. They catch the eye of a bypasser and they are the first thing to be seen. They take the energy stroke.

You can decorate the entryway with a pair of bast shoes if you live in the city.

Remember that your home is not just a place where you come to eat and sleep after a busy day. It is your living space, your territory. It reflects you, and you reflect it. If you put energy in your home, it will give you energy back.

That's why they say: "Your home is your castle".

So get rid of old clutter, say goodbye to the past and become free.

Do you ever declutter your home?

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© 2015 Anna Sidorova


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    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      4 years ago from Russia

      Right you are. Sage is burned for deep energy cleaning when it's needed. They also say it's good to walk around your home and clap your hands.

    • Buildreps profile image


      4 years ago from Europe

      Interesting information that is often dismissed as superstition. Sage also seems to be a strong way to clean negative energy in houses and buildings.


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