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What makes antique Oriental and Persian rugs so desirable?

Updated on October 6, 2011

Antique oriental rugs & carpets

Just the mention of Antique Oriental rugs brings visions of an opulent past replete with rich furnishings and precious hand-knotted rugs. The depth of colors and the intricacies of the designs make these rugs a focal point of any room where they are placed.

Although made throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, the most renowned of antique oriental rugs are the Persian rugs from modern day Iran. Masterpieces of hand-woven antique Persian carpets and rugs can be seen in Renaissance oil paintings, on the floors of palaces, and in discriminating homes throughout the world.

They combine investment, art, and history into functional works of art. Although some rugs are rare and extremely expensive, the savvy shopper can find a rug to fit any budget. Many people who have Antique Oriental rugs have them simply because they love them. They adore the unique qualities that antique hand-woven rugs, dyed with natural vegetable dyes, possess.

Although there are many modern hand-woven rugs, the range of subtle colors achieved with the natural dyes is rarely seen in current rugs. During the 1970s and 1980s many rugs were produced that used colors never seen before, bright and often prone to running when wet. Antique rugs have stood the test of time and even though some colors have faded, the rugs remain beautiful.

Modern and antique rugs alike reflect the region where they are woven. Personal taste can be reflected in the choice of a tribal rug or a city rug. Tribal rugs were, and still are, generally bold and geometric in design. Examples of classic Persian tribal rugs are Afshar, Baluch, Gabbeh, and Hamadan. Tribal rugs that are especially treasured are those from the Caucasian regions of Kazak and Shirvan. Their bold geometric patterns and concentric boarders are both striking and fascinating. These rugs may portray plant and animal life but in stylized and blocky appearance. The beauty of a Kazak is timeless whether placed in a room with sleek modern furniture or on a worn wooden floor in a country farmhouse. City or formal rugs are more refined in both the technique of knotting and the designs. Designs that are incredibly intricate cover the surface. The knotting is the finest in the world with the highest density of knots per square inch. Well-known city carpets were produced in Isfahan and Tabriz rugs in Persia.

Regardless of budget or taste, antique Oriental & Persian rugs and carpets fit any décor and lifestyle.


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    • nazmiyal profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from New York

      Also, feel free to visit our website at:

    • nazmiyal profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from New York

      Hey Manthy,

      I should be the one thanking you... Antique Rugs are truly great works of art and should be loved and appreciated by people from all walks of life.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts - I really do appreciate it.

      Have a wonderful day!


    • manthy profile image


      9 years ago from Alabama,USA

      I will agree with you 100% A quality rug if taken proper care of will last a lifetime.

      I believe that anything worth having is worth paying a premium for it, I own 2 rugs but I would love to have a couple more, I am not certain how I came to love Rugs so much but I think it was the fact that my mother had a antique store she ran for years when I was little and I watched her buy sell and trade the higher end rugs.

      Thanks for bringing back good memories and for the quality Hub



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