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What tools should you have in a basic home tool kit?

Updated on June 28, 2017

What to buy?

There is a vast world of tools out there and it can be difficult for someone starting in DIY too know which tools they really need, there is no need to have a box full of tools that you never use and lie round gathering rust.

The basic DIY tools, you need to start somewhere so here are some of the basic tools I suggest you look at getting. Tools are ready available form hardware stores and DIY shops, some may even sell some decent starter tool kits. Shopping around is definitely worth while as is considering second hand tools, good brand names supply tools that will last a life time and new tools soon become worn with use.

Wheel of hammers, which would you choose?
Wheel of hammers, which would you choose? | Source

Basic tools

A tape measure, measure twice and cut once is a good adage to live by in DIY.

Spirit level, again you may as well do the job properly and a spirit level is invaluable in ensuring anything is level.

Hammer a carpenters or hammer this has one side for striking and a cleft claw used to pull out nails,

Selection of screwdrivers

Adjustable spanner

Selection of allen keys

Wood saw


Cordless or battery drill

Accompanying drill bits

A decent tool box to store it all in

Allen Keys
Allen Keys | Source

Further thoughts

This should give you a good selection of tools with which to start some basic DIY tasks such as and . You will find as you buy materials for DIY tasks you will may useful little tools now and again to add to your collection and this is a cheap and effective way of building up your tool box.

Always try to buy quality brands of tools, it is more cost effective in the long run. Decent tools will literally last a life time.

As you gain experience in DIY there are many other home improvement and repair tasks you will begin to feel up too. Many have there own more specialised tools though consider the cost and decide whether to hire or buy them especially if you may only use them for a job once.

You will find that once you have started to work with these tools, you will feel the need to buy better and more expensive tools, like a nail gun, or a router or even a more expensive drill, but for now, these are the tools that you need to get you going.

You can add in your basic toolbox your decorating tools. Tools such as a paper scraper for scrapping wallpaper of your wall, a plumb line, or a small laser level to plumb your first length of wallpaper on to the wall. A small sharp knife to cut the wallpaper. All these you can fit into your toolbox.

You will find that there will be two compartments in your toolbox, in the bottom compartment you will find that all the large tools will fit, such as hammers, spanners, screwdrivers, small spirit level. On the top compartment you will find that there is room for the smaller tools such as small screwdrivers that you will use to fix electrical plugs, there will be room for the smaller spanners, and for your tape measure, as well as your junior hacksaw.

Are you on the level?
Are you on the level? | Source

What tool would you never be without?

What tool would you never be without?

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Drill advice

Your drill will come in a box of its own, take it out of the box and you will find that if your toolbox is a large box, and I recommend that you purchase one, the drill will fit into it, this way you will always have your drill with you when you use your tools in your toolbox, you can also put a few screw's and raw plugs into the top compartment of your tool box, if you have brought many screws and raw plugs you can put them into the original plastic drill box, you will find that it is a good place to store them.

You will find that you do not need at first the many expensive tools that you can buy, this is the basic toolbox that any person needs to get them going in the exiting world of DIY, the more expensive tools will come later.


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