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What type of Window Covering to use on a Sliding Patio Door

Updated on August 21, 2011

Drapery Sheer


Sliding Patio Doors are a very popular feature in homes. They transition the indoors to the outdoor beautifully. But, how to treat them, especially if you need privacy or light control. This is something that I get asked over and over and is quite the challenge for people.

Venetian blinds WERE the number one choice for many years. Although they are still popular, they are quite outdated. The long skinny vinyl strips with little beaded chains at the bottom to hold them together just isn't appealing anymore. Plus, they're expensive yet look cheap, making that a bad combination.

What to do? Thankfully, there are other options. You can of course threat the sliding doors with a curtain such as grommet curtain panels or pleated panels on a traverse rod track to enable the panels to open ans close easily. But thankfully there are other options as well.

Vertical sheers are one option. These work in much the same way as vertical blinds in that they have the same vanes, they can tilt to control light and privacy and they can be opened and closed. The difference is that there is sheer fabric holding the vanes together and so the whole treatment looks like sheer drapes, but so much better. It's a much softer and updated look from the typical vertical blind. Take a look at the first image here for an example. Most custom blinds and shade companies carry these products.

The other option is panel tracks. This is a very contemporary window treatment. The vanes are not skinny plastic strips. Rather they are wide panels of fabric that stack against each other when they are opened. Along the bottom of each panel is a fabric covered "rail" to weigh down the panel as well as hold its form. This is a relatively new product on the market and so the options are increasing very quickly. You can get coordinating roller and roman shades for the other windows in the room, giving it that cohesive look. Some companies such as Comfortex Home Fashions have the option of adding great designs to these tracks, making the possibilities endless. Choose fabrics form blackout to screens, with over 300 color choices as well as the ability to add your own custom graphics. The panel tracks are much less expensive than the vertical sheers and they are much moe durable.

Both are great options to dressing a sliding patio door and so much better looking than the old plastic vertical blinds.

Panel Track



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    • Denisa Yeats profile image

      Denisa Yeats 6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you Manthy!

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Very good hub, I really liked the pictures and the fact that you are a expert is a plus.