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What is better round or squared wooden Timber Climbing Frames?

Updated on December 6, 2011

What is better round or squared Timber Climbing Frames?

Both round and squared timber is approved to be used in constructing Climbing frames.

Neither is weaker than the other but the appearances of each type will change over time.

Squared timber or Dimensional lumber is more of a modern option for building climbing frames; it is easier to build with and because of the shape it won’t split or crack as opposed to round wood which will.

Round wood will still hold its strength but due to the shape it will develop splits and cracks this is nothing to worry about, but remember you can always contact your retailer if you have any doubts.

Always remember to check the manufacturer warranties of the unit, this will give you some inclination as to how long the unit will last for. Most manufacturers will issue there units with a 10 year warranties and some others will issue it with a lifetime frame warrantee always check to see what this means as some companies will say a lifetime frame warrantee but this can be based on a childs lifetime of play so between 10 to 12 years.

Thomas Staton – A Climbing Frame and Outdoor Games expert


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    • profile image

      Ben McDonald 6 years ago

      We manufacture all our sandpits from square timber, round timber might look a bit weird but at least a wooden sandpit will provide the stability and structure your children require. Thanks for the information.