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What’s In a Can O Worms Composter?

Updated on January 6, 2011

Can-O-Worms Instructions

So what’s in a can o worms? Aside from your red wiggler farm, it comes with a stack of trays. This can o worms composter is a worm composting system that is odorless; and is an easy to use unit that helps you recycle decomposing organic wastes, at anywhere you desire.

What a Can-O-Worms looks like

Amongst other compost bins for sale, the can-o-worms is something that you can also purchase readily, along with its other materials (like the can o worms composter instructions amongst other things). And since it’s pre-packaged, you will be able to expect a lot of great features and materials from it. You’ll also be able to distinguish the 100% plastic made bin from all the other worm bins, since it basically comes in a compact and easy to assemble design; and also comes with five sturdy legs, and with an innovative stacking tray design. You’ll be able to get more detailed directions when assembling your bin, from your can o worms instructions.

Some Can-O-Worms Features

Aside from it being fragrance-free, this system for composting worms helps you produce organic fertilizer as a supplement for your plants and soil. And since it looks low-key, you can easily arrange this worm composter anywhere in your house. So if you have an apartment but have no garden, you can still do some composting at the comforts of your own home. The Can-O-Worms composter also comes with a tap drain (usually found on the bottom tray), for where you can collect the liquid fertilizer (also known as Compost Tea) coming out of the bin. Other than that, it also comes with a lid that has ventilation holes on it; and some coir bedding block. The trays that go with the unit can also be interchangeable.

The Worm Condo

As earlier mentioned, the can o worms wormery comes with a stack of trays (ring-upon-ring). It is basically referred to as the ‘worm condo’ since it can accommodate about a thousand worms (preferably red wiggler worms) all throughout the year.

How to harvest worm castings from the Can-O-Worms

You no longer need to worry about harvesting those rich worm castings on your worm beds. The Can-O-Worms unit will simply do the work more easier for you. How? Well, the worms will have to eat their way up, only leaving behind them their precious vermicompost from the bottom tray. You won’t have to find the need to take out the worms from their bin just so you could segregate them from their castings.

The trays of a can o worms is interchangeable, thus making it more convenient to produce and harvest worm castings from your worm farm, without having to bother your compost pals.


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