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What's The Best Soil For Your Medical Marijuana Plants?

Updated on August 4, 2012

Industry favorite pre-made soils and fertilizers

Making Healthy Soil

If the time has come for you to get your legal marijuana medicine garden going then you must prepare the soil to accommodate your plants. Your best bet in the soil making process is to get the best mix of silt, clay, and sand. You would want about 40% silt, 40% sand and 20% clay.There are many tests that veteran gardeners would use to make sure the composition is good. First you can do it in your hand and if it crumbles and not hold its form with out any outside force then you have too much sand. Too much clay if the ball doesn't fall apart when you poke it.

Still not sure about your soil contents?

You can use this easy method to separate the ingredients. You need one or two cups of dirt in a jar of H2O. Shake it up until the soil is suspended then let it stand until it separates into three separate levels. Clay is on top, silt is next and sand on the bottom.Use this info to judge the amount present of each component and act accordingly.

If your analyzed soil content is low on something then make sure you fix it. If you have too much silt try mixing in some peat moss or compost. Add a mixture of peat moss and sand if too much clay. When moistened, the peat moss, helps everything mix together better. If you are still having problems then go to the local gardening store and get a product to help you out..

Nutrients are very important to success because most urban soils have hardly any nutrients in it naturally. Add a good amount of fertilizer to the garden a few weeks before you plan on planting the plants. Make sure you mix it up well and let it be undisturbed for a little bit. After this your soil will be ready for your babies.

After you plant your seeds or clones you must pay close attention to the soil. For the first couple weeks, the seedlings or clones are really using up all the nutrients for the energy for fast growth. How can they grow without food? Add the same amount of fertilizers in about two weeks after Continue to use fertilizers but in longer intervals. Just add a minimal amount every two weeks and you should be good to go.

The care of soil can be broken into a few stages...Make sure the ingredients of the soil is good, you will need good water drainage, fertilizers before and after seeds get planted, and on a regular basis after that. You'll have the bomb legal medical cannabis medicine if you follow these steps. If you still need any help with any of these steps please message me for help. Good luck and happy growing


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