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Rolling Snow Shovels With Wheels - Wheeled Snow Pusher Wovel

Updated on February 23, 2012

Shovelling snow off your driveway and sidewalks is one of those yearly tasks which never becomes any more fun with age. Snow removal is hard work with lots of heavy pushing, scraping, lifting and twisting which can strain your back, leave you with aching muscles and can put unnecessary strain on your heart which could be dangerous.

Thankfully, there are alternatives out there to traditional snow removing shovels which can make the whole process a whole lot easier. Rolling snow shovels with wheels take a lot of the strain out of shovelling powder and some, including the excellent and highly recommended Sno Wovel help help fix some of the lifting and twisting issues which can hurt your back as well.

Rollable Snow Shovels Reduce Back Injury

Traditional shovels are notoriously bad for your back as they require a lot of bending over, awkward lifting of heavy powder and then twisting to toss the snow to either side. Fortunately, manual snow removal tools have evolved somewhat over the years so that, if you are willing to spend a little more money for the sake of your health, you can find better alternatives which are not only much easier to use, but also better for your back muscles and spine.

How A Vertical Snow Pusher Shovel Works

The difference between these and traditional shovels is that they act more like snow pushers than actual shovels. Here you are walking vertically behind the device, pushing everything out of the way therefore removing the bending and twisting motion which can hurt your back and put pressure on your heart.

The wheels take some of the strain out of scraping the blade along the ground, no it isn't exactly going to glide over the frozen surface, but it will certainly be much easier to push along.

Every year people suffer countless back injuries from clearing snow out of their yards and there are also a lot of heart attacks as well especially when people are not used to physical exercise suddenly have to engage in this form of strenuous activity.


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