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When buying your first house

Updated on August 30, 2012

The big step

Are you and your partner, or yourself alone having thoughts of getting your first house? It's a huge step, both together and for each one of you.

I have been longing after living in a house for a pretty long time now, but it hasn't really become serious thought until recently. As always I look at properties for sale on the internet constantly, showing my man house after house, this afternoon when he got home I was gonna show him an apartment in the area we would like a house. Before I had got down to the right one he said "Stop! Back it up, look at that one it looks nice!" So there he was, finding a property that actually caught his eye. We looked at it and realized that this maybe was our breaking point, we should go take a look at it!

Suddenly our plans has become real, and that involves a lot more than just the house. There are the money, the economy that will be shared from that point, and many other aspects. We have even talked about getting married just because everything will get easier, but considered it a little to much of a rush.

Since we are beginners in the real estate market, we really need to get a foot in, so that we can start building our home and economy. The property we will see is a perfect opportunity for that! Let's hope everything turns out as good as we intend.

Finding the right property

When you have decided to buy a house, it's a good time to figure out what you want from our property.

  • Location. Where would you want to live? By the sea, on the countryside, in a city. The location is everything, I use to say it's good to either live close to your job or where you do your hobby. Time is precious so therefore it would save a lot of time not to have a lot of traveling everywhere.
  • The Money. It's not fun not being able to live just because you bought a house too expensive. A house is a great investment, but not if you will suffer and be sick because of the expenses.
  • The work. Are you willing and able to give the house some renovation or should you buy a house ready for you to move in? This may be a matter of the cost but also the matter of your time and health. A house that will never be ready is not good for your level of stress.
  • The neighborhood. Make sure to check out the area that you will live in before you decide! Are there a supermarket, school, hospital, playground or what ever facilities your family need around you? If everything is to far away, or you need to drive your kids to school everyday instead of them taking themselves, think twice if that is really what suits you best.
  • Feeling. Are you getting a good feeling about it all? Can you see yourself living there? If your gut feeling is not good, then it's all wrong. Always listen to your intuition!

-"A home is not a house, but a feeling" , said by someone wise.

A castle maybe?


Time to make on offer!

If everything seems alright it's time to bid on your house!

Think about that the price may increase a bit if there are other interest as well. Good luck to you and your new home!


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    • SoaresJCSL profile image

      SoaresJCSL 5 years ago

      The house of our dreams... Thats all we want