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Where to find the best deals on modern coffee tables

Updated on October 13, 2010

Coffee tables are a very practical piece of furniture in today’s family living room and modern coffee tables are available all over the world at thousands of locations.  To large stores that manufacturer many different types of furniture and not just tables and to locally owned workshops that hand-craft tables for a real original piece of furniture of the highest quality.  These tables are certainly not just used for coffee but are typically used in one area of the home; the living room and can be a foot rest or a place to keep your favorite magazines.   The living room is the highlight of many homes and is where the family can come together to watch TV and participate in fun games and a particularly small table serves well for this.

Shopping around for the best deals can be quite overwhelming at times and getting some help is always appreciated, it seems.  However, help is not always around and decisions can be difficult with all the stores to choose from and many different ways to shop these days.  This guide outlines some the best places to shop around for the best deals on modern coffee tables and compares the pros and cons of each.  A typical modern coffee table made from wood or metal will cost anywhere from $100 at a popular retail store or from $250 to as much as $600 or more for a quality hardwood table.

Large retail stores such as Meijer and Wal-Mart usually have a large selection of cheap modern coffee tables and I mean both in price and quality.  The prices are possibly some of the lowest, however a lot of the material used to make these tables is rarely a real, solid wood.  Materials like OSB, particle board or MDF which will serve a purpose as a table, but if quality is what you’re after than I would advise looking someplace else.  This is where you will typically find your $100 to $200 coffee table.  During clearance sales you can find even better deals which could even mean turning a profit.  Buy a couple popular modern glass coffee tables and a few other great deals that are at least %50 off and sell them for more on eBay or your favorite auction place!

Finding used furniture at garage sales is possibly the best place to shop but the problem is that garage sales are not always around.  Meaning, Wal-Mart is open 24/7, you could shop for small coffee tables at 4 in the morning if that worked best for you.  Garage sales and yard sales on the contrary, are usually only popular one or two times a year.  A few others have sales outside of the popular times which can make for a few for but it is unlikely in many smaller towns.  Prices can range from outrageous amounts for anything that is an authentic antique piece and as cheap as $20 for an ordinary used table.

A good balance between price and quality is crucial to getting a piece that really fits your needs the best.  Modern metal coffee tables can be found at almost any retail store, however if something of great quality is desired than you might want to check for some hardwood tables.  Mahogany, oak, cedar, and pine and are all common woods that make excellent wooden coffee tables and can typically be mixed with each other to create appealing designs on the surface of the table.  A handcrafted table can cost anywhere from $300 for a simple table or $500 to $800+ for the highest quality pieces of wood handcrafted by seasoned woodworking professionals.  Check your local community for talented woodworkers willing to craft a table for you or check some online stores for used wooden tables.


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