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What Drywall-Texturing Compound Mud Plaster to Create COMB Patterns Art and Effects in USA and CANADA

Updated on January 23, 2013

Drywall texture Comb Art & Effects Finishes Within the USA & Canada: What Materials To Use to Create Comb Patterns?

Drywall texture Comb Art & Effects finishes within the USA & Canada are slowly but surely taking off there’s certainly no doubt about it & please read the e-mail below received from one of my customers concerning various mud, ready mixed texture, texture powder, compound, plaster, & materials he has experimented with in his quest to drywall comb finish ceilings & walls, then at the bottom of this page is a picture of yet another product used by another customer.

Within this article I hope you find what your looking for.

First off a little information concerning the Drywall texture ceiling & wall art & effects learn at home course:

With this amazing ‘learn how to do it for yourself & teach yourself at home or at work DVD & E-book course’ enables not only professional drywall texture men & women to hone their skills & provide them even more amazing ceiling & wall decorative drywall texture art & effects ideas & finishes for their customers, but many ordinary folk & hobbyists who like to have a go themselves thus saving money compared to calling in a contractor have also benefited from the material & with practice, have even offered their new found texture finish skills to others too.

I am asked many questions from my customers prior to purchasing the DVD/E-book course & one of the most concerned query is:

‘Hi Dale, would love to learn for you to show me how to do it so I intend to purchase your drywall texturing comb work art & effects DVD & E-book course but could you please tell me, what is the best plaster, texture compound, mud, or material for me to use so that I can drywall texture 'artex comb' finish my ceilings & walls using comb tools.’

Well of course, I really love hearing from folk with the same drywall artex finishes interests as myself, especially across the waters in the USA & Canada, & I have also researched information about which product you can try with amazing feedback from my customers:

Below is an actual e-mail I received from Alfonso who resides in the States; & further below is a picture of yet another compound that another customer uses without any problems at all (& he even has a short video on youtube showing the compound in use).

I sincerely hope this information helps you somewhat, but may I request, if you are a supplier manufacturer stockist or seller of such material to be used for drywall texture finishes within America & Canada could you please contact me as I can write about your product & maybe recommend it for the interested practitioners of drywall texture finishes to benefit from.

Here's the letter; Take it away Alfonso:

Hi Dale.

in my experience the best texturing material for comb texturing is blue line a 50 pound powder bag the corporation that makes this material it’s called west-pack or Hamilton’s home depot and Lowes carry this brand and they are throughout the united states this bag will make 2 five gallon buckets and in my opinion this material is the best for comb texturing they also have pre -mixed material but they dried to fast even if you have a primed surface. I have practiced your texture on new sheets of drywall in my garage with this product and the texture looks just like the one you show on the video. I have not been able to do this texture in private homes yet due to the economic crisis we are facing in America everybody is tight with the money and home builders almost completely stop operations but I will continue practicing and eventually become a good comb texturing artist like you Dale & it is a honor for me to receive your e-mail for this request. I hope this information is use full for your clients please let me know!

Thanks. Alfonso Esquivel

Well I hope this helps you in your quest & answers your questions concerning what drywall texture mixture, powder, mud, material or compound to use to create comb patterns onto your ceilings & walls in the USA & Canada.

Did you also know, you can actually make your own COMB TOOLS at home (compared to buying them off me readymade) easily cheaply & most cost effectively using my popular instant download instructional book & templates here at

Anyways guys, thank you for reading & please drop me a comment or ask me any questions that I may help with in your quest for drywall texture finish art & effects so that you can decorate your ceilings & walls with attractive & amazing finishes.

Regards. Dale Ovenstone. Please leave your comment or vote this article up or down.

Go on, Create a Craze! 2011

Drywall texture for comb patterns!

This is a picture of the compound sent to me recently that one of my customers use to create comb patterns (Thank you Randy)
This is a picture of the compound sent to me recently that one of my customers use to create comb patterns (Thank you Randy)


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    • profile image

      Kelly St. Omer 4 years ago

      Hi Dale,

      I would like to get the combing texture tools and any other information on combing textures as I am intersted in persuing it further. I learned it in England. I am based in St. Lucia (Caribbean Islands). How do we do that? Kelly

    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 4 years ago from Wales UK

      Hello Kelly, nice to hear from you, if you go onto my website above you can purchase the dvd/e-book from the buy now button at the very bottom of the page the e-book you will get access to instantly the DVD I send out to your address supplied, there should be a link also on for you to purchase either set 1 or 2 of the comb tools.

      Could you please tell me, is texturing 'comb patterns' popular over in the Caribbean, I would love to know.

      Regards Dale

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