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Why Buy Electric Fireplace Inserts

Updated on January 19, 2010

Buy Electric Fireplace Inserts for Economy

The first reason to buy an electric fireplace insert is to save money. When you replace a gas burning unit with electric you will save a ton of money. The electric unit costs only about $0.08 per hour to operate. That is actually less than running your electric coffee pot. It will heat an average 400 square foot room (that's 20' by 20'), or about the size of an average living room.

Your heat will be directed into your room rather than up the chimney. And if you are burning wood in your current fireplace, you don't have the option of "turning off" your fireplace logs when you leave the room or the house. You can turn off your electric fireplace insert at any time, thus saving you more money.

Buy Electric Fireplace Inserts to Add Warmth and Beauty

ClassicFlame 24" electric fireplace insert (existing fireplace)
ClassicFlame 24" electric fireplace insert (existing fireplace)

Buy Electric Fireplace Inserts for Functionality

The second reason to buy an electric fireplace insert is for its functionality. You can operate your new electric fireplace insert with or without the heat. This makes it ideal for almost any night (or day) when a fire will enhance the atmosphere.

Lifelike, flame technology creates the look of a wood fire with a realistic flame image, electric fireplace log set and ember bed. Each unit installs quickly and easily – simply plug into standard household outlet.

Why didn't the cavemen think of this when they invented fire?

A few other consideratons:

  • Eliminates the danger of possible house fire
  • Eliminates the mess of cleaning out nasty ashes and soot
  • No more chimney cleaning
  • Keep the flue closed and keep the heat inside the room
  • Control your electric fireplace insert with the handy remote control from the comfort of your easy chair

Buy Electric Fireplace Inserts for Their Beauty

The third reason to buy an electric fireplace insert is for the beauty and ambiance that it adds to a room. The electronic technology creates a life-like flame, whether you need heat or not. This adds warmth in the form of coziness, even when the weather outside is not necessarily cold. You can relax by your techno-fire while you read or listen to your favorite music or have a romantic evening together with your spouse.

When you buy an electric fireplace insert you are getting economy, functionality, and beauty all in the same package.


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    • ElectricFireplace profile image

      ElectricFireplace 8 years ago from Florence, AL

      I really enjoyed reading your article that informs your readers about why to consider an electric fireplace insert. You cover the gamut of advantages from functionality to saving money and from beauty to ambience. You give very compelling reasons why an electric fireplace insert is a great choice to meet all of those important needs. Thanks!