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Why Buy a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Updated on May 14, 2013

You may have heard of memory foam mattresses or toppers and be wondering what all the fuss is about?

This is one NASA invention that has revolutionized our nighttime comfort.

As the proud owner of a cheap 1" memory foam mattress topper, I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable in my bed at night.

Going to bed is a joy, and now that the nights are drawing in and winter is approaching, I just know that I am never again going to wake up shivering in the wee small hours.

Not only is my bed superbly comfortable, it is warmer than it ever was, as the foam generates it own heat source when in contact with our bodies.

If you live in a warm climate, you might want to consider buying the type of memory foam topper than has cooling properties, as they address the heat generation that could be a problem for some people.

Those have the word 'ventilated' in their description, and are designed to allow greater air-flow between the layers.

Memory foam mattress toppers at Amazon

Reasons why you might choose a mattress topper and not a new mattress

  • Your mattress is already in good condition and you can't justify the expense of a new one.

  • Your mattress is old and lumpy and you can't afford a new one.

  • You frequently feel cold at night - so much so you wake up shivering.

  • You are student living away from home during the week, and want some home comforts. (They are light enough to transport).

  • You are considering buying a new memory foam mattress, and want to have an idea about how comfortable they are. (Trust me, buy the topper and you won't bother changing your mattress!)

  • Your mattress is comfortable but old, and has been widely slept in by a variety of people over the years, and you are worried about hygiene.

roll-up memory foam mattress topper
roll-up memory foam mattress topper | Source

Adding a heated mattress protector for the ultimate in comfort

Memory foam is so-called because it moulds itself to your body shape, so that when you lie on it you are supported on all pressure points.

Since buying my mattress topper, I have not once woken up through the night, as they are so restful and comfortable.

When you turn over to go to sleep, you are aware of the wonderful softness of the new area you turn on to, before sleep overcomes your senses.

Remember, my mattress topper is only 1" thick, and yet it works superbly well.

The nice thing about having such a thin topper, is that they are the perfect size for adding a fitted heated mattress protector to.

Mattress protectors are designed to fit the mattress perfectly, so having a topper on the bed can stretch the fabric unless your topper is slim.

A few weeks after buying the memory foam mattress topper, I invested in an electric blanket to heat the bed before retiring.

My bedroom is situated in the coldest part of the house, and I really don't like having heating in the bedroom.

The electric mattress protector I chose to buy perfectly complements the topper and helps keep it dry and fresh. Mattress toppers can (and do) absorb body respiration fluids as you sleep.

Choose a low voltage one that quickly heats the bed before you enter, but you will not need to run it overnight at all, as the topper will keep you cosy.

This winter I will be snug as a bug in a rug on my bed, thanks mainly to that wonderful memory foam mattress topper, which ensures I get enough quality sleep at night to cope with everything life throws at me through the day.

Silentnight memory foam mattress topper
Silentnight memory foam mattress topper

Where to buy a memory foam mattress topper in the UK

AmazonUK sell them, and Silentnight is a great make.

Even cheaper is the special offer they have on at The Factory Shop (I have no affiliation with them), where they are selling them for only £29 single size, and do mail order if there isn't a store near you.

I highly recommend this one, as this is the one I bought.

They are so good, and make such a difference, I am thinking of buying more memory foam mattress toppers for all the other beds in the house.

Memory Foam Mattresses need turned regularly

I missed this part out when I read the instructions that came with the mattress topper.

Over the course of several months, my back (damaged in an accident years ago) gradually became more painful on waking.

While researching for a new mattress, I came upon an article explaining why memory foam mattresses and toppers need turned fairly regularly - as often as once per month.

I immediately stripped the bed and turned mine, so that the part I had been sleeping on was now at the foot of the bed.

My back has been pain-free since.


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