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Why Buy a Property in Allen Park, Michigan? 8 Reasons

Updated on April 3, 2016
A markerAllen Park, Michigan -
Allen Park, MI, USA
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When someone mentions Allen Park, Michigan, the first thing that comes to your mind is the world’s largest tire that is 80 feet tall and 12 tons in weight. This was created by Uniroyal primarily as a Ferris Wheel attraction at the New York World Fair.

Eventually, this huge attraction was moved to Allen Park, serving as an advertisement that eventually became part of world history. As if holding the record of the biggest tire isn’t enough, Allen Park has also earned its prestige as the base of the Ford Motor Company which, aside from being associated with cars and other automobiles, has also become an integral part in the city’s real estate development.

It’s most notable development is the Fairlane Community that boasts of its environment-friendly and high quality structures. It was developed by Ford Land, a full-service real estate company dedicated to the construction, management, and redevelopment real estate globally. Fairlane is located just minutes near the airport and is highly acclaimed for its affordable luxury and green retail and recreational center.

Allen Park is home to the 2,360 acres of land developed by Ford Land. It is because of this thorough master plan that buying a property in Allen Park is one of the best investments one could ever make. Allen Park has advertised itself to be very environment friendly, family friendly, tourist friendly, and most importantly, the best city to LIVE, WORK, and PLAY.

It prides itself in having a low cost of living, which is 17% lower than the average of the country, and of having a rich and vibrant collection on arts and culture. Further to that, let’s go and read up on other reasons why Allen Park is a worthwhile endeavor.

1. America’s Best Small City

Last but not the least, the city is listed as one of America’s Best Small Cities primarily because of its highly commendable and excellent citizen services. The city government has developed a 311 citizen service system wherein the residents that enables residents to convey non-urgent but important issues in the community.

They have developed a free mobile application and web tool to allow people to share photos, videos and all other forms of data that can be used for information dissemination and for faster and more efficient completion of projects in the city.

The 311 system will serve as a means for officials to communicate with the populace and track concerns, including how things are progressing and when the issue has been fully resolved.

The Renaissance Center.
The Renaissance Center. | Source

2. No Traffic Problem

Are you tired of traffic? The average commute here is around 22 minutes, three minutes lesser than the national commute time of 25 minutes. It has easy access to most expressways, including the I-94 and the I-75.

Because of this, you get to spend more quality time with family, and there’s less stress in getting from one place to another, like work. It is also accessible to tourists and the football league players and fans (described further in the article).

The Detroit People Mover.
The Detroit People Mover. | Source

3. High Employment Rate

The most flourishing business in Allen Park are travel, hospitality & tourism, retail and wholesale trade, and health care. Looking for a job outside of the city is also easy because of Allen Park’s location. The city’s income earning potential is quite high.

Around half of the population is married, so you would expect that the unemployment rate is said to be around 3.8%, much lower than the country’s average of 6.3%. People have more purchase capacity and quality life, although most families describe themselves as middle-class.

The Detroit Financial District.
The Detroit Financial District. | Source

4. Low Crime Rate

The country’s crime index is 294.5 whereas Allen Park’s is at an average of 160, one of the lowest rates in the United States. This is likely brought about by the low unemployment rate where people, plus, the non-dense population of around 27,000.

The Hart Plaza.
The Hart Plaza. | Source

5. Prestigious Schools

The city features highly rated schools, both public and private, plus several local colleges. The city’s household size is around 2.53 which means that there’s usually just one child per couple, putting the ratio of students to teacher to 22, much lower than other cities.

Consequently, the cost of education is a bit higher than the country’s average – it is around USD 13,500 compared to USD 12,435. There is also a school board that consists of seven officials elected by the local residents. The purpose of this board is to ensure that the schools follow a high standard of education, and that taxes imposed on school properties are kept at a reasonable rate.

The Detroit Redford High School
The Detroit Redford High School | Source

6. Great Tourist Spots

Though not as popular as New York, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, the city also boasts of activities that are one of a kind, and not so touristy. If you want to experience homey activities, this is the place to go. Here you will find classic movie theaters, holiday parades, and the Craft Street Fair during summer.

Unlike in other cities, their museums are within the residential neighborhoods, exposing history to everyone at any time, especially the youth who, in these times, have grown fond of gadgets and technology. The parks provide winter activities like ice skating, summer activities like ball sports, tennis, and swimming.

Ever heard of Health Tourism? Allen Park has one of the nation’s best nursing and retirement homes. This isn’t like a jungle of skyscrapers and commercial establishments, so this is suitable for people who want to chill, and for senior citizens or retirees to have a relaxing abode.


7. Variety of Sports

Are you a sports fan? The Detroit Lions are a football team in the American professional league. Their headquarters is based here, and this is where they practice. So if you are a football fan, you can spend your free days watching them in the field. You can also visit the highly rated sports bars, to have drinks or to watch your favorite basketball and/or football teams live on TV.

Comerica Park
Comerica Park | Source

8. Booming City

Do you want to live in a thriving city without sacrificing scenic views? This is the place for you! Aside from ample housing for all its inhabitants, it is characterized by streets lined up with shady trees and environment friendly establishments. The houses are mostly made of bricks. Since some of the houses are fairly old, home reconstruction is also a common service.

Using the 311 app (which you will read about later towards the end of the article), you can always find a home improvement company in Downriver, MI. (Downriver is the unsanctioned term for the group of 18 suburban cities in Michigan. It is the center of non-retail industries in the area and is known for the density of home improvement businesses.)

The cost of building a house is around USD 86,000 and the home appreciation is 15.4% (This is one of the highest rates in the United States too!) This means that if you get tired (which you probably won’t) of living here or if you’re planning to purchase multiple real estate for investment, you can sell your property with profit.

Downtown of Detroit
Downtown of Detroit | Source


There are so many factors to consider when buying a property. While some of the most obvious ones are listed here, keep in mind that when making decisions as big as acquiring estates, your overall feeling (and gut) plays a big role in your purchase. Make a list of your Pros and Cons and don’t resort to impulsive buying.

Allen Park is also a home to the world’s largest tire!

Of the 8 reasons provided, what convinced you to finally invest in Allen Park’s real estate sector?

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