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What is the Best and Safest Home Security System? Product Review

Updated on July 4, 2014

ADT #1 Home Security

ADT is a well known home security system through-out the nation. It has become a well known brand nationally and it has cemented its spot as one of the top home security systems in America. ADT offers nationwide operation centers around the country that are on call 24/7 monitoring your home and its alarm systems. When one of the operation centers receives a signal from your home they are able to alert the police, fire department, or other response agents that may be needed to assist you and your family. ADT has been in business for over 135 years and has over six million customers. "My Nationwide Security" websites states that ADT is America's number one security system.

Not Just A Burglary System

ADT offers not only burglary protection but can also monitor fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and also has an emergency alert button on the panel, which can be pressed when needing assistance. Today, home owners can purchase an optional two way voice intercom which allows the home owner to speak directly with a live person each time their alarm signal goes off. This offers the home owner a greater peace of mind because the home owner knows that any time their alarm goes off a real time person will be speaking with them via an intercom. New technology also allows customers to monitor their alarm system from their cell phones, allowing home owners to monitor their systems when away from the home. Home owners can set up accounts to receive text or e-mail alerts if anything happens in their homes.

ADT protects over 90% of the top Fortune 500 companies in the country and when it is installed in private homes, it increases the value of the home. Also, when installing an alarm system many insurance companies offer a discount on your home owner's insurance. ADT will provide home owners with a "Homeowners Insurance Certificate" which home owners can then give to their insurance companies and the home owner may be able to receive up to twenty percent off of their current home owners insurance rate.

What does ADT offer?

In addition to increasing the value of a home owners home and decreasing the home owners insurance rate, ADT also offers a lot of other incentives that many other security systems may not offer. ADT has something called "Mover Security Guarantee" which states if an individual lives in a home with an ADT alarm system for at least two years prior to moving, ADT will then provide the home owner with a free alarm system to be installed in their new home at no cost of the home owner. In addition to the free alarm system, ADT will also give the home owner 10% off on any upgrades that they may want for their new home.

ADT also offers a "Theft Protection Guarantee" which states that ADT will pay up to $500 of a home owners home owners insurance deductible in the event that a home is burglarized or some other unforeseen event occurs.

ADT currently has three different packages that home owners can choose from: the first being a basic alarm system with offers various options, the second being a Protect and Connect package which allows the homeowner to stay connected via cell phone and the third package being called the Protect Connect Premium package which includes staying connected via cell phone and video monitors in your home. Of course with any of the packages, home owners can upgrade their alarm systems to include things such as remote door locks, glass break detectors, lighting and thermostat control, water detection, temperature detection, indoor and outdoor video cameras, and many more.

Its easy to see why ADT is a well known security system provider with its various options for its customers. Not only is everyone able to find a package that fits their needs and their wallets but they can also rest easy knowing that they have ADT monitoring their homes 24/7.


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    • profile image

      Jason Riggs 

      4 years ago

      I really like how this alarm is not only a burglary system, but can warn you of carbon monoxide and detects fire. I have two young children and I want my home to be safe. Home alarm systems can help protect my family.


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