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Why Floor Length Curtain Panels are the Way to Go

Updated on June 24, 2011

floor length panels are best

In the ready made world of curtains, there are several standard sizes. The standard lengths are 45", 54", 63", 72", 84" and 96".

Here is how the lengths are broken down if you have a "standard" window, which as we all know there really is no such thing as a standard window. But let's asume that we are working with a standard window, stndard ceiling height, standard windowsill and standard baseboard height.

Let's get rid of the 45" as this is for smaller bathroom, kitchen or cottage type windows. SOme windows are 45" in length for the window pane only and an inset sheer curtain can be used here.

The 54" length is made to go to the sill. It should just brush this area.

The 63" is meant to go to the bottom of the sill.

The 73" length is to go to the top of the baseboards.

The 84" length is supposed to go to the floor, or just half an inch above.

96" lengths are becoming more and more popular as the ceilings in many homes and apartments are getting higher and so are the windows.

Unless the house or space is a heritage home, a cottage or a period style home there really is no use for the shorter length curtains. Of course there are some exceptions. If you have a sofa or a desk under the window and you just can't make the floor length work and you still really want the look of a panel, then a shorter length may be in order. Also if you have an electric radiator under the window, then long panels are out of the question. What I would suggest in these instances is to go for a shade, blind or a roman shade that still has the texture and appeal of a soft window treatment.

The biggest reason for staying away from shorter panels is that ii really cuts the length of the room and shortens the overall height. If the ceiling height is quite low, such as 7 feet, then the curtain panels should really be from floor to ceiling to try to really stretch the height. There's just a claustrophobic feeling when you're in a room that feels low. On the flip side, if the ceilings are really high and there are tall windows in the room, you still want to use long panels to showcase those features.

There's just something about the the eye going from the floor up the line of the panels in a fluid manner. So, if at all possible go for the floor length panels.


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