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Why Planting a Garden Feels So Good

Updated on March 17, 2013
A container, soil and seedlings and/or seeds is all you need!
A container, soil and seedlings and/or seeds is all you need!

Digging into rich soil must trigger something in the brain that sends a rush of goodness through our veins. To me it makes sense. Our entire reason for being here, thriving in hungry and mostly well-fed societies as we do today, can be attributed to our ancestors who did as I did today. Today, I planted a garden. Whether you’ve never touched a fleck of soil or the stuff is permanently stained into the cracks of your dry hands, today is the perfect day to become a gardener and plant something. I encourage it, and I'd like to tell you why:

Planting an entire hillside feels good! Fruit, vegetables and more.
Planting an entire hillside feels good! Fruit, vegetables and more.

5 Reasons why planting a garden feels good

1. Breathe right. Plants inhale carbon dioxide, and exhale oxygen. We humans do the opposite. The relationship between us and plants is the perfect balance of opposites, when in fact it is balanced. The truth is, it’s not. Our tropical rainforests and kelp forests are the lungs of our great Earth, supplying us with our oxygen needs. Unfortunately, they are dwindling in size. Meanwhile, we humans are multiplying, to the tune of over 9 billion! Every seed that you plant and nurture is another bundle of oxygen for you and our brethren across the globe. We all know we could use it. Yes while a small herb garden won’t offset the impact of deforestation, 9 billion herb gardens will.

2. Free food. People are all about free stuff, no matter what it is. I don’t care who you are, I know you love it. Well then planting a seed is for you too! The best part about planting something in the ground, if taken care of properly, it will give back to you for free. The more seeds you sow the more food you will reap.

3. Bonus outdoor time. Any excuse to get outside for a dose of Vitamin D is a good one. Becoming a gardener helps you do that. Even for 5 minutes, you will need to visit your garden to water, fertilize, weed, mulch and simply admire on a regular basis. There’s no need to check the weather report, just head outside and check on the health of your veggies. Get planting and get outside!

4. Pretty things. Yes we love free stuff, but we love pretty stuff even more! Nature and flowers are the epitome of beauty. It goes back to our earliest ancestors. Come with me as we transport ourselves back in time, thousands of years ago. On the hunt for your daily sustenance, you spot a juicy strawberry - sweet, sweet deliciously sugary calories. Chomp! You have just become more of a strong and vibrant individual with the evolutionary edge to beat out other competitors. Thus, because of the nourishing benefits that strawberries provided, you found more mates and had more children...and these children loved strawberries too. This is how the affinity for berries, and all other good and pretty things that nourish us, live on. Forget why our brains evolved with a preference for pretty things, a garden is just pretty, and we like it. It's green, delicate, floral-smelling, bird and bee attracting, sun-loving and we love it. A garden is just that.

5. Save the world. I’d like to think that deep down in everyone’s heart, we all want to do the right thing. Maybe we don’t always because we forget, we’re scared, or maybe it’s just that we don’t know how. In regards to the latter, that is no excuse. I will tell you how. The single most important thing you can do to be a better citizen and do your part in making the world a better place, is by planting a seed in the ground. Do it today, and do it with pride!

Planting lets you enjoy the harvest for free!
Planting lets you enjoy the harvest for free!

Ready to plant a garden?

Ready to plant something today? If you never have planted a garden, seed, or seedling and don’t know where to start, use some of the below resource to help you on your journey. Thank you for being you, being so awesome and for planting a seed in the ground!

How to plant a veggie garden

Are you a gardener?

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