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Why Using Reclaimed Wood is a Good Idea

Updated on September 17, 2013

Many people would like to change some things about their home. They may want a more modern kitchen or they may want to add some extra room. Renovating a home is something that many homeowners think about. The hope that homeowners have is that someday they will be able to turn their dream of renovating their home into a reality.

When the time comes that a homeowner can do the renovations they want, they have to decide exactly what they want to do. They need to come up with plans that will give them the look they want in the home. One of the decisions they will have to make about their renovation project is what types of materials they want to use. One of the best ways to enhance a renovation project is to incorporate reclaimed wood flooring into your house.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has already been used for some other purpose. It might be the wood that came from an old home or barn that had to be torn down. Other sources of reclaimed wood include shipping crates, wine casks, and old wood stumps. There are many businesses that recover the wood that would otherwise have been discarded.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood?

The decision to use antique wood is smart for many different reasons. Homeowners and builders find that this wood offers advantages in cost, design, and the look of a project. Some of the advantages of reclaimed wood include:

  • It is a stronger product. Virgin lumber is not always as hard or as durable as reclaimed wood is.

  • It gives the old wood a new life. If the wood is not used again, it will end up in the landfills and will eventually turn to dust. By using it in a renovation project, it is injected with a new life that can last generations.

  • It saves energy. It takes fewer natural resources to use reclaimed wood than it does to use new lumber in a project.

  • It is environmentally friendly. Reusing and recycling is important to the environment. Turning to reclaimed wood is an easy and simple way for people to help the planet.

  • It looks great. It is impossible to duplicate the look, smell, and feel of reclaimed wood. It will add character to any renovation project that is undertaken.

Where to Use Reclaimed Wood

The main thing that a homeowner will have to decide is where to use reclaimed wood in their project. Reclaimed wood can be used anywhere you would use new lumber in a project, but there are some very good ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your home that will set your home apart from others.

  • Boards from an old wooden ship or from old doors can be turned into amazing tables that can be used in many rooms.

  • Old boards can be used for a unique wall covering.

  • Reclaimed wood molding will add character to what is essentially new construction. While many people enjoy the look and feel of a new home, they still want to have some character and reclaimed wood will add that character.

  • It can be used behind the walls too. Reclaimed wood is a good material for all types of construction. While you may not see all of the reclaimed wood that is used in a project, you will know that by using it, you helped the environment.

Renovation projects are supposed to accomplish many goals for homeowners. They are supposed to create a look in a home that the homeowner wants. They are supposed to enhance the value of the home. When you turn to reclaimed wood in your home renovation project, you will not only be able to do all of the basics you want, you may also be doing a lot more. You will be doing something that is good for the environment and you will be able to tell the stories of how you turned your home into a greener one. Reclaimed wood not only looks and works great for a home renovation project; it also feels good to know you used it.


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    • profile image

      Stephen 2 years ago

      I'm looking to replace some wooden floorboards in my house. The originals are pine and looking to match them, sand it all down and stain them. I can't work out if there is a benefit to replacing with other reclaimed wood or just getting new pine which is obviously easier to source and cheaper....can you explain why reclaimed wood may be a better option? Thanks!!

    • mgeorge1050 profile image

      Alan 3 years ago from West Georgia

      Great article, I too am a huge fan of reclaimed wood. I have been able to harvest hundreds of board feet of lumber, including some barn wood over 100 years old. I got the barn wood when the owner was tearing down the barn, and was able to confirm the age of the barn using county tax records.