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Why Wardrobes are Still a Great Storage Idea

Updated on July 14, 2010

I have written a couple of Hubs on finding more storage around your home. This is a focus on mine because I am always running out of space for everything. One of the things that I always need more space for is hanging clothes. Our home is old and closets were an afterthought when it was built. I have my winter and mid-weight coats. I have a collection of suits that I cannot get rid of. I have my dress casual clothing and all of the rest. If you don’t hang it up, it’s going to get wrinkled, so I try to hang as much as I can. This has made my closets an absolute joke. They are packed so tight that you have to use some serious muscle to get anything in or out of them. I had to find something better. What I found was a wardrobe.

My brother recently spent a year in Europe and he had zero closets in his house. It turns out that a whole lot of people in Europe still use wardrobes. IKEA has a ton of different styles and my brother lined a whole wall of his bedroom with a giant sectional wardrobe. It was made of different sections that all locked together, so that you could customize the unit. If you needed more hanging clothes, you add more of the hanging clothes units. It was really cool looking with a frosted glass-like front on some of it and he claimed that it was not really all that expensive.

I really liked my brothers’ wardrobe, but it would never work in my bedroom. I showed pictures of it to my wife and she agreed that it was neat, but would not work in our house. All of our furniture is traditional early-American wood. Mind you, none of it is all that great, but we did decorate our room around the furniture.

After a little research I found that there are still companies that are building wood and composite wardrobes. They come in all styles, sizes, and prices. I found an absolutely amazing antique wardrobe on EBay, but the price was outside of my budget long before the reserve was met! We decided on a American Oak Wardrobe that I was able to pick up at a local box store. It was under two hundred bucks and added over 46 inches of hanging clothes space. It also looks great. It’s not solid antique wood, but it also didn’t weigh so much that I couldn’t carry it up the stairs!


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