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Why do a majority of landlords seem mentally unstable?

Updated on September 26, 2012

The Landlord Prophecies

Why does it seem all landlords are mentally challenged

By Sean Monaghan

This article can touch the heart of anyone whose ever had a dispute or problem with a landlord. I know…I know so few of us had… after all most landlords from my personal experience think they are a form of royalty…this is a win for the little guys. And yes, as I typed this music began to play in my head…just goes to show how far gone each day is taking me…someday soon the voices will stop screaming…just need to keep praying

At this point I have dealt with a variety of 3 different landlords. I’m gradually learning there is a ranking system among these individuals and it has to meet the eyes and mind of us common folk so that we may prepare for the lunatics they are. So without further ado…

The Rich landlord- Lo and behold the king. The landlord that can’t comprehend anything outside of their own special world. Talking to them of any form of problem is like demanding a psychiatric evaluation from a brick wall. Their link to humanity diminished somewhere down the years of time and they gradually became spoiled individuals who consider reality, and realistic thinking absurd, and the only opinion that matters is…you guessed it, their own. Debating with them is pointless because inside their head a music box plays that just repeats the words ‘I’m the Greatest” over and over…so that look of troll like personality in their face, when their brows cringe just the slightest bit…It’s them simply rocking to the tune of a thousand crazy voices.

The ‘Pretender’- This is the landlord that clearly hates your ass, but will truly actually attempt to become Brad Pitt and play the role of truly caring about you. They will speak in a forced nice tone which further defines the real demons that lie within, and when you have legitimate issues at the residence of rent…they are always very eager to comply to take care of the issue, with the hidden true motive of finding anyway they can to blame the incident on you, rather then truly caring about the nice paying tenant who just wants their peace and quiet. Honesty goes much farther these days…but, need to have a scapegoat to be able to realize such a value…and here they are

The guy who speaks without thinking- This is the guy who gets impatient or is very opinionated and speaks without the caring notion that what he says just might not be acceptable. It’s also my most recent run in of landlord. I’ve discovered that under intense emotional distress these creatures tend to speak loud, but when confronted with legitimate intellectual calm response, the rational behavior behind the efforts is so baffling it sends them into a shaking coma. When they regain themselves and the motor skills to speak again they often mutter apologies and should be handled with delicate care because their list to excuse behavior that resembles a 7 year old tyrant on a wicked sugar high could possibly fill a book larger then a Stephen King novel…and personally…I think them books are pretty damn long sometimes I’ll say.

Long story short…I can’t claim all landlords are bad, just about 95% of them. I don’t make the numbers fella’s step up and break out the Dr. Phil books and lets cure some of them emotional issues that lie deep within…


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    • SMonaghan119 profile image

      Sean 5 years ago from PA

      I don't disagree with it being a difficult task, just unmasking the dark face of it with a touch of humor to it.

    • angelina12 profile image

      angelina12 5 years ago from Navi Mumbai

      landlords property management is very difficult task now days.....