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Why most floors fail and what makes epoxy flooring durable?

Updated on January 10, 2013

Every interior design is incomplete without perfect flooring. The incredible elegance of the flooring augments the beauty of the building in a great way. While you invest lot of money on proper flooring, the majority of floors deteriorate within 4-5 years of time. Repairs and renovations can hamper your business in a great way while increasing the expenses. Here are some reasons why most floors fail and why you need to choose efficient flooring material.

The type of bonding between the substrate material and the top floor mainly contributes to the deterioration of flooring. Different substrate materials are used for different types of floors. Rubber or vinyl sheets are attached to plastic glue, tiles are installed on concrete and epoxy for seamless quartz epoxy flooring. Most of the time, leakages surrounding any drains or breaks allow water to get through the top portion of the floor into the substrate. Over time, the moisture within the surface starts eating up the material to damage the entire flooring.

Extreme conditions

Another important factor that deteriorates building flooring is the presence of extreme climatic conditions. Often, commercial kitchens are maintained at a higher temperature and pressure. The presence of freezers creates chilled atmosphere and higher levels of moisture. Not able to withstand extreme atmospheric conditions, floors get damaged overtime. Constant traffic that involves harsh material creates wear and tear on the surface of the floor.

Poor maintenance

Commercial flooring like restaurant kitchens need proper maintenance and care. In addition to adverse temperatures, there are certain elements that erode the flooring material. Acids that are released from chicken leftovers are harmful to the flooring, if left unattended for a long time. As these acids eat up the grout in the tile or resinous material, cracks and pits can be seen in the surface. To avoid this condition, you need to clean the flooring on a regular basis. An efficient scrubbing machine can be used to effectively clean the entire moisture and maintain the floor in a healthy condition.

Why Epoxy floor fails?

While epoxy flooring is an efficient and innovative method of flooring that is gaining popularity in recent times, there are certain reasons why these floors fail too. First of all, proper installation is required. The substrate needs to be completely dried out to prevent space within the epoxy floor. Incompatible or humid substrates do not gel well with epoxy material. In addition, the usage of the right primer is recommended. To overcome these challenges, you need to choose a right company that offers seamless monolithic construction that is moisture resistant and easy to clean.

Everlast epoxy flooring stands out of the crowd for certain reasons. The monolithic and customized epoxy material forms a perfect bond with the substrate eliminating any type of penetrations into the material. The seamless construction covers the entire base and integrates into the substrate in a perfect way. As Everlast epoxy flooring is impervious to moisture, water cannot get inside. The ability to withstand adverse temperature makes epoxy floors the right choice for businesses that deal with freezers and ovens. As epoxy floors are easy to clean and withstand hard mechanisms like pressure washing, it is easy to maintain the quality and elegance of the flooring with minimal efforts.


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