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Why to Buy a Hot Tub

Updated on June 23, 2011

Soothing, fun, and it's deductible!

A few years ago, I started having a lot of pain in my neck that radiated into my shoulder and down my left arm. I also had pain in my lower back that radiated down my right leg. I went to a couple of doctors and had two MRIs.

My doctors discovered that I had degenerative disc disease, two impinged nerves, and foraminal stenosis in both my cervical and lumbar spine. I was prescribed pain medications, including some pretty heavy-duty drugs, and was forced to take early retirement.

I’ve never been a big fan of drugs. I’ve seen what getting dependent on prescription drugs can do to people. On the other hand, I’m not really into pain, either, so I began to explore ways in which I could get some relief without the use of drugs.

It’s deductible!

I had always wanted a hot tub, but I had no idea how much a hot tub or spa tub cost. When a friend and co-worker decided to sell his practically new 6 person hot tub, I wanted it. I discussed it with my doctor, and he said I could take the cost of the hot tub off my income taxes because its deductible as a tax write off. Wow - who knew? This made me want the spa tub even more! I bought it, and my husband and some pals set it up on my deck. And sure enough, I took the tax deduction for the hot tub. All I had to do was get my physician to write me a prescription for it, which was no problem.

You wouldn’t believe how much better the hot tub makes me feel! I have my favorite seat, of course, and it’s right in front of two jets that massage my upper and lower back at the same time with pulsating jets of hot water. I can literally feel the pain and tension begin to melt away. If I could, I think I’d live in my hot tub! It's especially effective for easing muscle spasms, which I frequently encounter.

I still have to take pain meds occasionally, but I take them sparingly. When I’ve having a bad day, I always try to get in the jetted tub, and I stay for quite a while. Sometimes I have to force myself to leave the comfort of the massaging water.

Our hot tub also functions as a family fun area. The grandkids love it, and so do my adult children. Even though it’s a 6 person hot tub, we’ve put more folks than that in it – little kids don’t take up much room! We use the hot tub all year, too. It’s just a few steps from the pool, so in the summer, we might spend the day in the pool and part of the evening in the hot tub.

Indoor or outdoor hot tubs and spas?

I've been lucky enough to have both indoor and outdoor hot tubs and spas, and I much prefer the outdoor hot tubs and spas. They give you a chance to enjoy time in the great outdoors, even in the dead of winter. No matter how cold it gets here, if your water is nice and toasty, you'll stay comfortable. It might be a bit chilly when you get out of the tub, but it won't be as bad as you think because your body will be so warm from the hot water.

Above ground or inground hot tubs and inground spas?

Most hot tub models are above ground types, but some are inground hot tubs or inground spas. Generally speaking, inground hot tubs and inground spas are more expensive and require professional installation. Of course, it's fairly easy to make standard models inground hot tubs by sinking them into a raised deck. These provide the easy accessibility of inground hot tubs and inground spas without all the cost and labor involved of actual built-in models.

Why to buy a hot tub

If you want to buy a hot tub for a medical condition, remember – its deductible as a tax write off if you itemize and get a prescription from your doctor. If you want to buy a hot tub for personal relaxation, there are all kinds of spa tubs available, including round hot tubs, 2 person hot tubs, and 2 person spas. A 3 person hot tub will give you plenty of room to stretch out. Some spas are inflatable, too! Even a small hot tub will give you years of pleasure.

If you want to buy a hot tub for fun and a way to enjoy time with family and friends, you’ll undoubtedly want a larger version. These are available in a 4 person hot tub, in a 5 person hot tub, in 6 person hot tubs, and in even larger models. 8-12 person hot tubs are huge! Many of these are round hot tubs.

Imagine coming home from a hard day at work and slipping into your own personal spa and enjoying a nice glass of wine as you soak…ah, just thinking about it makes me want to go hop in mine!

I’ve also discovered that it’s the perfect place to enjoy viewing a meteor shower. I just turn off all the outside house lights before getting into the tub. I find my favorite spot, lean back, and enjoy the celestial show.

I also use our hot tub for stretching and mild exercise. Since it's a 6 person hot tub, I have plenty of room for this when I'm in it alone.

You can even enjoy aromatherapy while spending time in your hot tub, which adds even more relaxation. Just buy hot tub scents from a pool and spa supply store and add a bit to the water. Heck, they even sell it at Walmart!

Most hot tubs are also equipped with colored underwater lights that turn the water a beautiful shade. For example, I love our blue light that makes the water a gorgeous turquoise color.

Buying a hot tub is a great home improvement that will add lots of fun and improved health to your life!


Inflatable hot tub

Okay, you're convinced that you'd totally enjoy having a hot tub, but you can't afford one. Here's the solution: an inflatable hot tub! Inflatable hot tubs are super affordable, and they're just as relaxing as their full-size cousins. They're also a lot lighter in weight, so they can be placed almost anywhere.

An inflatable hot tub is almost instant gratification. Most inflatable hot tubs inflate with just the push of a button. Once inflated, fill the inflatable hot tub with water and plug it in to a regular outlet. While the water heats up, go make yourself a margarita. Then luxuriate in the wonderful warm water!

Does an inflatable hot tub have jets? You betcha! Is an inflatable hot tub durable? Yep! Most inflatable hot tubs are very well made and will last for years. Is an inflatable hot tub economical to use? Yes. Because inflatable hot tubs are generally smaller than regular hot tubs, they use less water and much less electricity.

Is an inflatable hot tub comfy? Many people find the inflatable hot tub more comfortable than a regular hot tub because of the soft sides of the inflatable hot tub.

How affordable is an inflatable hot tub? Very. Check out the prices below for inflatable hot tubs. You could be enjoying your inflatable hot tub in just a few days!

It's some cases.
It's some cases.

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