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Why You Should Go for Wooden Bar Stools

Updated on December 16, 2019
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Wooden Bar stools

Bar stools can either be wooden, metallic or plastic. If you are thinking of purchasing stools for your kitchen counter, bar or restaurant then it is advisable to go for the wooden ones because of many features which we will discuss in this article. Furniture made from wood are known to be more durable than the ones from other materials, the wood is derived from different types of tree species, as a buyer, you should try to find out the type of wood that was used to make your bar stool, for the purpose of quality.

Wooden Bar Stools Have An Exquisite Natural Look

Wooden stools were initally considered old fashion but currently the most trending in home decor. They are made from timber cut from a variety of tree species with unique characteristics. Below is a table that displays the type of trees with their features.

Tree Species With Their Characteristics

Alder tree
Its supple and flexible and a softer version of hardwood tree.
The suppleness makes it easy to curve .
Oak tree
Displays red and white color which are very attractive.
Can absorb any color which makes it easy to paint your furniture
Maple tree
dense in texture and very durable.
It is a good alternative for other expensive hardwood.
hard and more exotic
very durable.
Light yet very strong
Furniture made from bamboo are lighter and could be lifted easily.

fig. table showing types of trees with their features and benefits

As displaced in the table above, there are so many reasons why stools made from hardwood trees are of good quality. Prices also vary depending on the type of timber that was used to make the furniture but they all share a common factor and that is durability. Durability is very important mostly for business owners so that you do not have to go through the trouble of replacing or repairing.

Wooden Bar Stools Come In Different Designs

Wooden stools can be crafted in different designs height according to preference. They can be cushioned at the top with armrests and backrests for more comfort, can be made with more than one footrest for more convenience or you can go for the ones which are height adjustable that can fit any counter.

Bar Stool With Arm and Backrests

If you want stools that can fit guests of all heights, you can go for those that can be adjusted. They are very stylish and unique. You can also go for the ones with multiple footrests.

They Are Modifiable And Easy To Maintain

They can easily be modified by simply repainting in case of renovation or if you want to change the theme of your home. They are also easy to clean by using a piece of cloth and polishing with oil to maintain a glowing look. They are light making it easy to move them when cleaning and while arranging them. Keep them away from direct sunlight.

Wooden Bar stools are Affordable

It is affordable because of its durability, wooden barstools can stand the test of time and save you the cost of replacing new furniture. They come in different types and different prices to choose from.

Easily Accessible.

Wooden barstools are easily accessible, you can either order from online stores like Amazon or just go to your nearest carpentry shop.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Wooden Bar stool

  • The number of bar stools you need considering the size of your counter.
  • If the height of the bar stool matches the height of your counter.
  • Footrests are important for more comfort and if you have toddlers you might want the ones with more than one layer of footrests.
  • The price of the bar stool. bar stools made from more exotic timber are more expensive.
  • The theme of your interior decor should match the color and the design of the stool.


Barstools are elegant and it's a nice way to show class. Wooden barstools will in addition give your home or business a sense of welcoming. Most interior decorators will always opt for wooden bar stools to match other furniture at home which are mostly wooden.


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