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Window Privacy Film For Home Or Office

Updated on August 23, 2009

There are some rooms in your home where you want to natural light to shine in, but want privacy from the outside. Window privacy film is the easy and affordable way to achieve this and do it in a fashion that will be appealing and bring something to the room, rather then taking something from it.

You could spend hundreds of dollars to get designer privacy glass installed in your home such as on the windows or shower door in your bathroom or the door to your office, but why spend so much when for a fraction you can achieve the same look with frosted glass film or one of the many other choices. Privacy glass film is not just a semi-transparent sheet of film.

This is one Do it yourself projects that you won't get wrong. Installing privacy film for windows is easy, doesn't require any expensive tools, and can be done in the morning before lunch.

Window privacy film is fantastic for apartments or for windows that look into other windows. It is quite intruding to be to cleaning vegetables in the kitchen sink only to be looking directly through the window above at your neighbor as they do the same. Privacy glass fixes this uncomfortableness.

Window Privacy Film Choices

These days you can get privacy film for windows in geometrical designs such as those found in dentist and medical offices, or go one of the many other choices such as rice paper privacy glass film, frosted privacy film, etched glass privacy film, satin lace window film, as well as many others.

When using privacy window film, you can install in with very little work. Your only tool needed will be a tape measure and a utility razor. But, many privacy film packages come with a few installation tools to make for an even easier application. Privacy film for windows is self adhesive. To get the perfect look on the window you want to place it on, measure and cut the window film to fit the window frame, peel back the paper backing and adhere to clear window surface.

Other Uses For Window Privacy Film

In addition to providing privacy from unwanted eyes, window privacy film can shield against UV rays of the sun shining through onto your furniture as well as block some of the heat that can pour into a room on a hot day. For the cold days, it also keeps the heat in, saving your families energy costs.

Privacy Window film is not what it used to be. These days it is made to last for years and is as easy to clean as your bare windows

The easy to peel and apply window decorating film is not just for privacy. Many of the available decorative window films have appealing patters and designs. Get a glass etched design on your front glass door without ruining the glass. Changed it to something different later down the road if it no longer appeals to you. WIth designs such as flowers, lace, leaves, and even stained glass. You can create many different looks for very little money and very little effort.


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    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      This is a very good idea, sunstreeks. Thank you.