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Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Updated on September 22, 2009

Finding the right window treatments for your bay windows can be a chore. A bay window is a major focal point in any room and you should consider your options before installing mini blinds from your local home improvement store. The location of the bay window in your home will also play a part in choosing the right treatments for it. A bay window on the front of the home on a busy street will probably favor a treatment that offers the most privacy. On the other hand, a bay window in the rear of the home overlooking a mountain range will probably want to maintain the view with little distraction or obstruction.  Another factor to consider is direct sunlight.  Here in Florida those bay windows can let in a lot of heat and make it that much more difficult to cool your home in the summer time.

Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows

Plantation shutters really look nice in a bay window. There are some things to keep in mind though before you spend the money on them. For starters, it will be hard to get the most out of your view with plantation shutters. For a bay window, there will usually be a single door panel on either side of the window, and a two panel shutter in the middle. If you fully open the two doors in the middle, they will overlap the outer panels. You could always just open them up so they stick out, but I am not a fan of that look. Not to mention if you have seats in the bay window.

Another thing to consider is whether there is wall space between the windows. If there is, no problem. The retailer or dealer will install a separate shutter into each window. If however your bay window is all one piece, you want to make sure your dealer has installed one before. They will still probably order three separate shutters, but they need to be exact for this type of window setup. The inside frames of the shutters will be constructed from a narrower style of frame and the section edges will butt up against one another. A bead of caulk down the seam can give the illusion that it is one single shutter.

Although they look great in any window, I would not recommend them if the view is your number one priority.  However, they are perfect for the front bay window where privacy matters.  I would recommend having them made with a divider rail, that way you can open the top louvers to let in some light while leaving the bottom ones shut for privacy.

Roman Shades for your Bay Window

Another great option for your bay window would be a nice set of Roman shades.  These are an exceptional choice for windows that do not need to adjusted all the time for light and privacy.  Bay windows in a breakfast nook or in the back of the home are a perfect example.  This way, you can leave the Roman shades in the up position the majority of the time.  Leaving them rolled up creates a sort of a valence look across the three windows.  The benefit of Roman shades versus standard roll shades is the pleated fold you get from Roman shades.  They just look more elegant than a standard roll shade.

These are not hard to install and as long as you take the proper measurements of your windows, installing them yourself should not be hard at all. 

Other options for bay windows

There are other options like your standard faux wood blinds or even mini blinds, but a bay window is an exceptional aspect of your home and deserves a better quality window treatment.  Even if the other windows in your house have standard blinds, spend the extra money on dressing up your bay window.


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