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Information on Wood and Pellet Stoves for the Home

Updated on April 21, 2017
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I enjoy talking about home improvement ideas and passing knowledge I have gained from working in construction trades through the years.


The Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves are a great heating option for those who want a unit with ease of operation and minus the mess of lugging wood to living areas. The small pellets that these stoves run on are made of what is called biomass, an organic matter made by being pressed. Wood sawdust from the milling of furniture and lumber are commonly used.

These stoves also get new technology features as well with better blower motors, which means better square footage heat up ratings. While the handy do it yourself homeowner can handle most installs, it is a good idea to talk to a pro company about models and setup options.

Small pile of wood pellets
Small pile of wood pellets | Source

Traditional Wood Stove Application And Spaces

You can still have a wood stove for heat in the living room as well. These stoves are now on the cutting edge of technology. Stoves are now certified under the Environmental Protection Agency and have emissions equipment built into these units.

This greatly reduces the sometimes negative impact of the exhaust from wood smoke. Another plus of these emission units is the lower need of firewood, as some users report a great saving in raw wood supply.

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

If you have a vast property with multiple buildings to heat, it may be possible to run a connected system heated by an outdoor wood furnace. Be prepared to go through huge amounts of wood, and is really only an option for those set up for homesteading.

Wood pellet stove
Wood pellet stove | Source

Harvesting Wood Supply (The Modern Day Paul Bunyan)

While some have the means to obtain the firewood needed for a season of heating, either through the property of their own or perhaps a friendly neighbor, many do not have this option. Remember that wood cut ''green'' or unseasoned will not burn properly and will most likely just smoke and produce very little heat. Unseasoned firewood will generally take one year to dry, depending on the type of wood. Stick to hardwoods as well such as oak, maple, elm etc. Pine and evergreen firewood are very light and while producing quick heat will burn up very fast.

If you have no access to your own firewood you can more often than not find delivery options for some nice dried and seasoned firewood. Wood pellets if you are going the pellet stove route generally come in a fifty to one hundred pound bag or sack. You may be able to find bulk delivery options as well in your neck of the woods. It can be a good thing to spend some more money for a quality pellet, as some of the cheaper options can sometimes have under burning and other performance issues.


The Stove Creates Nostalgia

Want to get that man o' meter cranking? Because nothing screams manly man more than that demon of a heat source, the basement/garage wood stove. Either heating up from you and your buddies outdoor activities or perhaps warming up those wet gloves from a strenuous snowball fight, nothing can touch the warmth and intimacy of that wood fired stove.

But you think the wood stove is forever shunned to the garage, like some unwanted relic of a past gone era? Well, think again. The stove is alive and well, invited and welcome into the home. Many options, such as the dream man cave, too neat and clean indoor solutions, there are many great and practical applications abound.

Safety First

If you are doing your own stove install, please be sure to follow all the proper clearances and codes. Be sure also that all venting and exhaust are installed according to manufacturers standards.

When using wood be sure to clean the ash bin daily and keep the area around the stove swept. With simple, routine maintenance and cleanings, your unit will sure to last for years to come.

Heating Options

Which Heat Options Work Best For You?

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