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Woodpecker Router Tables

Updated on November 13, 2010

Woodpecker's New Tables

Woodpeckers has several new tables out.  They divide them into these categories:

Economy Tables

Premium Router Table Package 1 (PRP)




Economy Router Tables

Economy Table Packages are really designed to keep the cost down, not the quality.

The packages include a phenolic insert, a super fence and a MDF laminated top.  Package one is without the stand and package 2 has a heavy duty stand included.  What makes these tables great is that you can upgrade them at any time by adding a router table lift.  They are fully capable and can use any woodpecker accessory.

PRP1 Router Table
PRP1 Router Table | Source

Premium Router Table Package 1

The PRP 1 package has the same basic components as all the other PRP packages.  These are:

  • Super Fence
  • Router Table Lift
  • Heavy duty stand
  • Top

Package one features a MDF top, it is a bit less expensive but fully capable.


Premium Router Table Package 2

PRP2 Package is the same as one only the top is upgraded to Phenolic.  Phenolic is a bit lighter but is impervious to moisture.  This is great if you live in a high humidity area, or if you have a habit of spilling your coffee.  Phenolic is also a great alternative to cast iron.


Premium Router Table Package 3

PRP 3 package has the main feature of an oversized table top. Instead of the 24"x 32" top, you get a whopping 27" x 43". This can really come in handy if you are making doors and need the extra table real estate to hold your work. Some woodworkers just like an extra space.  The top is made of MDF.


Premium Router Table Package 4

PRP4 is that same as PRP3 only with a Phenolic top.

To Sidewind or Not

You can also order all of these packages with the choice of a PRL-V2 series router lift or the newer version of the V2 which is the sidewinder lift. The difference is the sidewinder lift has a crank mechanism that attaches to the side of your router table to move the motor up and down.  Eventually it will replace the PRL series.  You can also buy a conversion kit for the PRL to turn it into a sidewinder.


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