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Zero Odor

Updated on August 12, 2009

I am really excited about a new product that I found recently called Zero Odor.  Zero Odor spray is a product that removes bad odors.  This is not an air freshener or scented product that masks odors.  Zero Odor actually removes the offending odors completely.  The way this is possible is that the spray actually attacks the molecules that cause odor and changes them through a chemical reaction so that they can never cause odor again.  In addition, Zero Odor has no smell of its own except for an initial tracer scent that only lingers for a few minutes.  The tracer scent is so that you know where you have already sprayed.  Once the chemical reaction is done, there should be absolutely no odor left behind.  The Zero Odor product really works!

This odor killing spray was originally created for pet smells and specifically cat litter boxes.  Zero Odor pet spray will completely eliminate the odor that lingers around a urine stain or litter box.  Pet owners have found they can use this Zero Odor pet spray to freshen the smell of their furniture and pet beds as well.  As much as we love our pets, we do not love the smells they leave behind and Zero Odor can help.  This amazing product also works on tough odors like garbage, diaper pails, smoke, sweaty gym bags or sports equipment, and even skunk spray.  You do not have to take my word for it or even the positive Zero Odor reviews you can find everywhere.  Zero Odor had an independent lab do testing to prove that their product removes odors.  The Electronic Retailing Self Regulation Program or ERSP which is a division of the National Advertising Review Council did a review of Zero Odors claims and found that they were reasonable and without reproach.

Because a chemical reaction takes place, some consumers might be concerned that this product could be toxic to them or their pets. This is not the case. Zero Odor is considered non-toxic and causes no dermal irritation under normal circumstances. Although it is considered safe to be used in the home, you should not spray Zero Odor directly on the skin of a person or animal.

I have tried this odor-eating product on the most offensive smells I could find in my home like dirty diaper pails and the garbage can in my hot garage. There is no noticeable odor after using Zero Odor. A few months ago, we had some water problems in our basement and even after thorough cleanings of the carpet; there was still a lingering mildew smell. I used Zero Odor on the carpet and the smell is no more! The product is inexpensive and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee so what do you have to lose?


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