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A resting pillow that twists into any shape.

Updated on August 24, 2017

Looking for a restful pillow

Whenever one needs rest or comfort grabbing a pillow to rest the back or neck is the only solution.A restful and comforting as well as strong support is enough to give solace to the tired aching joints and muscles.

So when I saw this new pillow that twists into innumerable shapes to offer rest to ones neck back any time anywhere I just wanted to let the world know of this wonderful product.

Though I have not tried the pillow but still would like to share its qualities so that if you are the one who is interested in such utility product can get one easily and at low cost too.

A pillow designed to ease you.

A pillow that twists into any shape so that you are able to ease and rest any part of your body that is tensed. Besides it enables you to insert it in any area or space with minimum effort.

A decorative piece of bedding

We are aware that any piece of cloth that provides support and rest to our body parts namely neck back, legs are welcome in any shape, size, color or dimension.

Any such items or products are viewed by each one of us with interest and evoke immediate response. I am always on a look out for such wonderful things that are not only comfortable affordable and durable.

Being a full time Mom and homemaker is no easy task so when I bought the long foam pillow that afforded rest to my tired muscles I just could not wait to share it here.

Though not the same one but similar with better features I found it on Amazon.

A comfortable and helpful pillow. - The pillow that twists into a number of shapes.

A pillow designed to provide comfort for one and all.

Do not be left behind get the comfort of this pillow at home.

Can be taken on plane journeys and have a restful plane journey.

The twisted pillow

The pillow will provide rest to the all areas especially the neck after straining it whole day working on the computer or sewing,

driving or doing any job that requires the neck muscles to stiffen.

For neck rest and support buy this product.

Similar support relief to back and lumbar area.

Buy this product for immediate relief,can be twisted to the use you wish to put it as per your requirements.

Is affordable as under $20/-.Zebra patterned costs $25/-.Amazon Price

So do get one and I am sure that you would like to buy another one for home,car,office.

Do not be surprised that family and friends will be asking the reason for your freshness and the extra spark and energy.

Good and affordable to gift too.


A restful and total pillow.

The product is called Total pillow.As you see the name itself states the use of it.It surely provides total comfort, total rest, and total support to those parts of the human body that need comforting after a tiresome day.

The versatility of the pillow is amazing as it provides comfort anytime anywhere.

Use it as a neck rest or back rest in cars.

Take to your place of work and it will be your backrest as it twists into a comfortable lower back rest as it fills the gap between your chair back and your back,providing amazing back support.

So goodbye to back strains.

How does it do that

The pillow is filled with microbeads that are specifically designed to ease the tension.

The Total pillow is stitched in such a manner that it can be twisted into any shape.

One can carry it along on long journeys

Useful for plane travel.At home use it while watching TV,playing games.

Take it to office, on picnics,keep it inthe car and use it as a seat cushion or a neckrest or back rest.

Twist it into any shape as per your need as headrest, backrest,lumbar support,neckrest as per your need.

Or as a pillow.

Pillows love them-WHY

Pillows are a necessary bedroom and home accessory.

There are some who do not need a pillow, just a curve of their hand is good for them. But many of us just cannot sleep without the soft, firm, square, rectangle piece of cotton or foam beneath our head.

From being a part of our sleep accessory the pillow has graduated to a health necessity slowly. Initially it was made from cotton spun and beaten to flatten it into a small shape mostly rectangular to rest our head and neck.

Now made from foam that can be molded to a certain firmness to provide rest and relief to our aching joints and muscles.

Pillows are taken along to picnics, carried on flights, kept as a comforter in our vehicle too.

Do you need pillow to rest your head.

Bid for comfortable pillows on ebay - free bidding

Hurry place bids and get the product for the price of your choice.

Place the bids often for a product.

Keep in mind the time period left for bids and place and track your bids.

Fall in love with restful comfort

Did you like the new pillow?Would you like to own one and experience restful comfort?


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