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American Standard Chrome Bathroom Faucet

Updated on February 19, 2022

American Standard Single Handle Bathroom Faucet in Polished Chrome

My husband and I have been wanting to redo a bathroom in a rental home for some time now. One of the things that we lack in this bath is space - counter and storage space. In order to have more room, I decided that a single handle faucet would best serve this bathroom giving more room for a soap dispenser or hand lotion.

We had looked at several products for about a year in various stores, but still didn't find what we liked that met all our requirements. There were lots of faucets we liked, but they were not single handled or they had a hole in the handle and that wouldn't be safe for pets.

Finally, we found our American Standard Single Handle Faucet and it was time to install it. Before we could do that we had to consider the condition of the sink where it was about to be mounted.

One thing we didn't want to do is replace the sink if we could help it. With some scrubbing we thought it could be saved ... we were right. My husband had to remove the sink from the wall and we put it in a 22 gallon plastic tub. After soaking it in vinegar, soap and water for a few days it came out like new.

Why I Like this Product

There are many brands out there that I have used and liked, but the American Standard bathroom faucet offered several things I wanted within the price that I set for the budget. I wanted a single handle with chrome finish. It would have to be drip free, durable, lead free and have a good warranty. This product has all those things with a life time warranty to boot.

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Quick Tip before Installing

Quick Tip Before Installing

We decided not to replace the sink since it was such a hard size to find. So we needed to submerge it in vinegar and water to soak it for a few days in order for it to come out looking brand new. Thank God it worked!

Installing Our New Faucet

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It was easier to put on the faucet before re-installing the sink.  Must faster!Sink looks brand new!Plenty of room on either side of the faucet for soap or whatever ...
It was easier to put on the faucet before re-installing the sink.  Must faster!
It was easier to put on the faucet before re-installing the sink. Must faster!
Sink looks brand new!
Sink looks brand new!
Plenty of room on either side of the faucet for soap or whatever ...
Plenty of room on either side of the faucet for soap or whatever ...

American Standard Bathroom Faucet Installation

Have you even installed a new bathroom faucet yourself?

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Best American Standard Faucets

American Standard faucets has always been a first choice for us and the components are lead free, which is a BIG plus. They're easy to work on and get parts for if you need them.

American Standard Options

American Standard has many styles in which you can choose. We decided to go with the other style because it best fit what we needed.

However, if you are looking for an 3/8th inch copper inlet, then select the Chrome American Standard 2385.006.002 Reliant Single Control Lavatory Faucet. The mid range vandal resistant spray nozzle has copper inlets with a metal lever handle. It also has a ceramic disc valve system for drip free assurance. It has a lifetime warranty.

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I hope this review was helpful in selecting the right faucet for your home. Thank you for your time. Hope you visit again soon!

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