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Among the Shades of Roses - the Wonders of Lavender

Updated on December 28, 2017
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As a German-English screenwriter, filmmaker/director, photographer and illustrator I simply love everything creative and fanciful.

Blooming Lavender


Lavender has a lot of Good Energy and can work Wonders

It is even not really perceived as a flower. And its scent is even just a terrible smell for some people. That is good and okay. It confirms that this flower has an influence. It is Lavendula, yes, Lavender! No matter whether you like or dislike her scent - Lavender is an incredible flower and so beautiful in all its colors from purple to blue with the green stalks. It appears so fragile and it is not . Not at all, Lavender is just the opposite. It is not only witches who use it for its protecting powers. A pot of Lavender at the front door to the house or along the way through the front yard keeps evil spirits away. And attracts love! Rosemary and Thyme would support her in this as well.

Those who don´t have a front garden or live in an apartment I can recommend to make a bunch out of your cut lavender flowers and hang this bunch head over onto your front door. Decorate it with a nice ribbon in eligible color and a big bow. Maybe you know how to make a floral wreath that would work of course too. Add some beautiful roses into your floral wreath and your lavender will not only prevent you from harm and bad influences, but also attract love to your entrance door.

To demonstrate the protective effect of lavender, I remind that in the Middle Ages one gargled with Lavender water to cover up the bad breath of bad teeth - and because it was hoped that not only the scent helped, but also the oils would heal the mouth. Lavender and other herbs have been laid out in castles on the trays together with other scatter to keep rats and nasty little vermin away. Today the intense scent of Lavender in small pillows keeps away moths from closets.

Lavender is Imperative for the Parfume Industry

Lavender field in South France.
Lavender field in South France. | Source

Lavender Oil is Also a Perfume Itsself

Whole generations have used the oil of Lavender as a perfume. This is for our noses in the 21st century no longer really a must have (I remind to these old colognes), but Lavender has this oil in its leaves and blooms. You can buy this true essential oil as well as a synthetically produced fragrance oil for fragrance lamps. Please: Only the real essential is to be used as a bath additive and you should also prefer the real essential for your lamps. The perfume industry seems not to be able to exist without the adorable Lavender. What else can explain the impressive, endless colors of the lavender fields in Provence? Did you know that almost every fragrance includes a little Lavender?

In the region of Provence in the South of France the Lavender flowers and stalks are harvested with combines and processed in a particular distilling into oil, to serve then as a base for the perfumes. It is said that lavender prefers not only the clime in this region which is very sunny and dry, but also the dry and sandy ground. This is, because the roots of lavender don´t like too much water. You should bear in mind this fact for the lavender plants in your garden or on your balcony. Some lavender sorts in flower pots like some dry coffee grounds as organic fertilizer - but only once in half a year!

By knowing all this it is the more unbelievable that also in the home garden in northern Europe, far from the Provence in France, Lavender grows and thrives wonderfully and his magic power works pretty wonderfully. Planted in the shade of Roses he is a loyal and protective friend of the noble Queen of flowers, because also here it holds the vermin away, which often all too quickly infect the Roses. Furthermore, it drives again every year from new, to look after and shelter his Queen properly. After flowering Lavender (most varieties do in July) you should reap the stalks. The cut supports a second blooming up into September or with mild weather even into October and you can harvest more of his blossoms.

Use your harvest to make the bouquets in vases without water and leave it to dry, because Lavender is an ideal flower to dry and use for decorations and handworks of all kinds. You should be aware Lavender is not as good as real long straw flowers for handworks, because after some months the colors of the flowers fade. However, his scent is reminiscent even in the coldest winter yet to the warm sunshine and lovely memories of last summer and wakes up a pleasant anticipation for the next.

© 2014 Elisabeth Meier


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