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Using Anti Gravity Recliner For Total Relaxation and Revitalization

Updated on January 31, 2015

Anti gravity recliner which also commonly known as zero gravity chair or recliner is a specially designed chair that caters the need of people who are looking for total relaxation and revitalization. The design of this chair helps to alleviate the back pressure and relax the whole body while the user sit on it.

The concept of this chair actually came from NASA where they found out that in such seating position, their astronauts will experience less force on their spines during launching into the space. Since space travelers could benefit from such technology, thus, ergonomic furniture designer and maker try to adapt this design into domestic use and it is now available in the anti gravity recliner.

Anti Gravity Recliner
Anti Gravity Recliner

The anti gravity recliner as the name infers reclines at an angle where the legs of the user will be placed higher than the heart level. Such position has been known to put very little stress onto the body and thus, enable the user to achieve total relaxation very easily.

Whenever that you are sitting or standing upright, gravity will put pressure onto your spine and to maintain your posture balance, your muscles will contract and your discs are compressed. And once the gravity force become neutral, such as sitting on the anti gravity recliner, the shape of your discs will restore and and your back muscles rest.

Moreover, lying on this anti gravity recliner will automatically make the muscles decompress and release. As such condition, less pressure will be laid on the spine and thus, making you feel like 'light-weight' and floating in the space. This is definitely good for people that face with back pain problem. Another benefit from using the chair is blood circulation could be improved dramatically.

Buying An Anti Gravity Recliner

Models of anti gravity recliners vary accordingly and which some offer optional features such as leather pads, head rests, adjustable neck rolls and foot extensions. Leather pads provide you with extra comfort while relaxing and foot extensions are meant for people that have long legs. Adjustable neck rolls and inflatable head rests definitely will make you feel even more relaxed when reclining on it. Other premium features for more expensive models include power recline, built-in programmable massage options and memory foam cushioning.

Anti gravity recliner can be placed in just any part of the house as long as there are enough space for it and this includes the den, living room, bedroom or even patio where you can relax and have a small chat with your families or friends. Outdoor anti gravity recliner is also the perfect way to relax as you sunbathing by the pool or garden. If you are the boss of your company, you can even buy one for your office. Having a short nap or taking a break on it could definitely clear out your mind during a hectic day.

The cost of an anti gravity recliner depends on the style and features that you opt for. A standard anti gravity chair without those add-on features will normally cost you less than a hundred bucks. However, if you are targeting those premium ones, be prepared to spend around two to three thousand dollars. For this cost that you pay for, you will definitely get the extra feel and luxurious of relaxation.

To save time and cost, you can start looking at online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and also online furniture stores. You might even get greater deal when shopping online for the right anti gravity recliner.


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