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The Antique Rug Collector

Updated on October 7, 2011

The Antique Rug Collector Is...

The antique rug collector is a visionary, plain and simple. People who collect as a hobby have an appreciation for something, but rugs extend beyond that. Designs on antique rugs are handcrafted and have ornate detailing, making them priceless to their owners.

Those decorating their homes purchase antique decorative rugs to fill spaces, add color, texture and to define the character and layout of the room. While these are noble reasons, an Antique Oriental rugs collector will have a keener eye and a greater art sensibility. It is more than trying decorate the room together; it's about history, value and attention to detail - collectors might not even intend on physically using the rug they simply want to own it as an addition to their collection.

Antique carpets predominantly come in two styles, tribal and traditional. To the discerning collector's eye, these styles are as different as night and day. Both make use of shapes and patterns, but the history and imagery behind them vary. Antique rug collectors not only appreciate the designs but also the history behind them, the material used, the region where they come from and naturally how old and rare they are. There is a fascination with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into selecting rugs for a decent collection and these caliber of antiquities cannot be found by simply heading to the nearest local carpet or rug store.

Someone who collects Antique Persian rugs will find pieces to coincide with antique furniture. This is a person who enjoys having a collection in their home or office that tells a story. He or she will do what they can to restore the rug to the point where it no longer looks worn, but still maintains its initial integrity.

Above all else, the antique oriental rug collector is someone who has a keen eye and appreciation for the arts. There are so many different colors and patterns available, all providing a palatial and elegant look. While many stores promote modern and trendy fads, antique rugs provide a timeless look for the ages. They never lose their appeal and depending on the piece - they have great resale value.

Those who collect antique rugs can spend days, weeks, months and even years looking for the right pieces. They spend most of their time building relationships & connection with the right dealers so that the dealers will call them when the right piece comes along. Antique carpets offer a so much - they are great works of art and are not only gorgeous to look at but offer the onlooker a window to ancient times when kings, queens and empires ruled the world.

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