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Apartments in Peoria, IL

Updated on April 19, 2012

More options than you might think

Peoria is alive

While Peoria may have a reputation for being a backwater, it's actually a thriving community. It's true that certain parts of the city are in decline, particularly on the south side of town, but much of the city and surrounding suburbs are thriving, particularly on the north side. In this hub, I'll run down some of the options for apartment living in Peoria.

Apartment Options

Let me examine a few options. Obviously, in a town the size of Peoria, there are thousands of apartment for rent. I'm going to limit myself to just a few, though, to try to keep things simple. I'll look in several different directions.

First, there is downtown. The attraction to downtown Peoria is clear. Within walking distance, you'll find nightlife, dining, the revitalize riverfront, and the still fairly new ball diamond. It's also close to Caterpillar's world headquarters if you work for Cat. On the other hand, you do have to deal with the fact that much of Peoria's crime is concentrated just a few blocks from downtown.

If you want to live downtown, consider the Civic Center Plaza Apartments. They're gorgeous, affordable, and as their name suggests, located at the Civic Center, making them extremely convenient for entertainment.

On the Northwest side of town, you'll find the extremely popular Grand Prairie Shopping Center. This positions you close to shopping, many dining options, and entertainment as two movie theaters are within a 5 minute drive. You may also find it easier to develop a social circle there as many people are flocking to this part of town. If you want to live near Grand Prairie, let me suggest the Woodsage Apartments. They're new, spacious, and located just about a mile north of Grand Prairie near the new OSF medical center.

The north central side of Peoria is also turning out to be a popular place for people to build and live. While there's not quite as much to do there, shopping is convenient with a Walmart and Menard's nearby. The beautiful new north branch of the Peoria Public Library is also located there. On the north central side of Peoria, you must look at Prairie Vista Apartments. These are my favorite apartments in town. They have all kinds of amenities, and they're located just off of Route 6, making it easy to get to other parts of town quickly.

I've included videos of Prairie Vista and Woodsage Apartments below. I didn't see one for the Civic Center Apartments, so if you know of one, please comment with it below.

Prairie Vista Luxury Apartments

Woodsage Apartments


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