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Aqua Pure Water Filter

Updated on September 27, 2010

When it comes to the water you drink, it cannot be too pure! Pure drinking water is the right of every living human and all too often the water that is brought into your home by your town's water system is not exactly as clean as it should be. This is generally not something to worry about as long as the contaminates are kept below regulation limits, but sometimes, through changes in atmospherics or other natural causes, water composition can alter slightly enough to tip it over the safe limits.

To be absolutely sure the water you are drinking is safe, by far the most common solution is to have a water filter system fitted in your home. There are many brand makes on the market that do a very good job of cleaning up your drinking water and making it safe for you and your family.

One such company that manufactures high quality home water filters is the Aqua Pure water filter company and while water filters in general are looked at here, it is this company that is also covered in this Hub Page.

The Benefits of a Home Water Filter System

Whole house water filter systems are highly beneficial in removing the heavy metals, chlorine, excess calcium and certain strains of micro bacteria from drinking water. They leave water tasting better and making it safer for you and your family to drink. Without them, you can risk taking in a whole host of pollutants that can be found in some drinking water sources in varying amounts.

Generally, these amounts are below safe levels, but to be truly sure that the water you and your family are drinking is completely safe, a good quality home water filtration system is a good investment.

The Aqua Pure Water Filter and its Benefits

The Aqua Pure water company themselves tell you that its important to find out any potential hazards that might exist in your own water supply before buying any form of water purification system. This is simply because any dangers that may exist for one house may not exist or be different for another. So before you can know the correct water filter system to buy, you need to know what pollutants need to be filtered out of your water.

To test your water, simply take a small amount of it in a clear, clean glass and insert a test strip. You can see the colour the strip turns. That colour will inform you of the things that are present in your water and by knowing this, you'll know what needs to be filtered out.

That's why any one particular home water purifier model is unlikely to work for each and every house. This is simply down to the fact that different substances and toxins exist in different locations or areas. When you live in a certain area where the drinking water is not pre-treated, your water purification system needs are going to be different than if you lived in a place where the water was pre-treated.

Drinking water can contain many contaminants and this will vary from area to area. You can look for a full list online easily enough. Aqua Pure Water Filters get their high ratings because of the number of microns they can eliminate from the water they filter. Most home water filters are rated at somewhere from five down to one-half.

A simple rule of thumb is that the smaller the micron number, the better the filter. Most basic home water filters are capable of removing most of the chlorine and lead from the water as well as several more basic contaminates. However, they are often not able to remove the micro bacteria that can often be found in drinking water. Aqua Pure water filters are capable of removing almost all of the micro bacteria and other pollutants found in most drinking water, which is one reason why they are so popular.

Whichever filter system you opt for in your home, its always wise to check out several alternatives before buying so that you know what you can have and how well each can clean up your drinking water.


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