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Pillow Review: The Arc4life Natural Alignment Neck Pillow - POSTED

Updated on February 22, 2016

Natural alignment for your neck while you sleep

This fiber filled pillow features a SQUARE center and two softer neck rolls
This fiber filled pillow features a SQUARE center and two softer neck rolls | Source

Helps with front/back and side alignment.

The neck roll corrects and maintains the neck's natural C-curve. The wings of the pillow hang down slightly keeping our neck and shoulders in the midline. No matter if you sleep on your side or on your back, optimal posture is maintained.

More Specifics about this pillow

  • Dimensions: 24"x16"
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Center Depression Shape: Square
  • Size: Standard Medium
  • Composed of: Polyester Fiber Fill
  • Made in : the USA
  • Level of support: gentle
  • Center of pillow: rectangle
  • Great for: Some who is looking for a gentler softer pillow. Someone who is looking for a pillow that will support their neck. Someone who is petite or smaller framed. Someone who has a short neck (or claims they have a short neck)
  • Dust Cover Available: Yes, look on the Arc4life Website. A Medium size dust cover fits this pillow perfectly
  • Can it be Washed? Yes, but do a good job of drying it. And keep in mind that the fibers will break down some with the washing process.

Why A Contoured Neck Pillow Can Help You

It all comes down to spinal alignment. Keeping the normal alignment of the spine means no nerve pressure. No nerve pressure means the body works like it should with no pain.

Contoured Neck Pillow Keeps You in Proper Position While Sleeping

Just think about it; work on your posture while you sleep. We sleep approximately 8 hours, what a great way to correct your alignment. Some people have horrible sleep habits too; they may actually gradually worsening their posture.

How is This Pillow Different from Other Fiber Pillows?

This pillow is designed to give a more gentle feel. Too many times an individual who can benefit from a neck pillow stops using one because it's just too hard. This pillow will help maintain and correct alignment while you sleep comfortably.

Who Does this Pillow Work Well For?

Really anyone can benefit from this pillow. The person who likes a softer pillow rather than something firm will be very pleased. Also, someone with a cervical translation will be helped. The spine should be straight up and down when looking at it from the side; a translation in the neck refers to a sideways shift.

How Does this Pillow Compare to the Arc4life Traction Pillow?

Since 2003 the arc4life traction pillow has been a very popular choice for patients who suffer from neck pain. There are two sides to the pillow: traction (the v side) and the support side (the neck roll). The traction pillow will give a gentle stretch to the neck.

The main difference is that the arc4life natural alignment pillow offers more gentle support through two neck rolls.This pillow helps the individual with not only a loss of curvature but a lateral translation of the neck as well. A lateral translation in the spine means the spine is shifted (from side to side, forward to back, laterally bent or rotated in any direction). this pillow will keep you in position. The combination of misalignments is over a million.

Who Sleeps with a Special Pillow at night?

Do You Currently Use a Contoured Neck Pillow To Sleep?

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Great Support for side sleepers and back sleepers

Can this pillow help a petite or smaller individual?

Yes, even though this pillow is medium sized (24"x 16") it is still great a petite or smaller individual. The reason is that there is more give to the pillow. So even if you have a short neck, or are petite, the pillow will give your neck the support it needs and still be supportive.

Arc4life has had a lot of success with the arc4life linear traction pillow over the years. However, everyone in a while we received a call from a customer who was looking for a smaller version of the traction pillow. This is not possible because of the special design of the arc4life pillow. So we created this newer pillow that works great because its gives proper alignment and support while sleeping.

Even if you have a short neck, this pillow will work. Again, it gives the support and it still gentle in how it feels.

Have you Tried the Arc4life Natural Alignment Pillow?

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