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Baccarat Crystal

Updated on August 30, 2011

Baccarat Crystal - Simply Stunning!

Baccarat Crystal was first produced in 1816, though a registered trademark did not appear on items produced until 1860. Baccarat Crystal pieces are high end, luxury products that are handmade and gorgeously decadent.

Collecting Baccarat Crystal can be an expensive pastime, but one that many people fall into. Baccarat Crystal is simply stunning, so after that first initial piece, whether given as a gift or bought by yourself, it's hard not to want more! Some people see their collection as an investment, which it undoubtably is as Baccarat items increase in value with age. So whether you intend to eventually sell your Baccarat Crystal in time or not, collecting these pieces is an indulgence that can be justified by knowing the pieces are increasing in value over time.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for some examples of antique Baccarat Paperweights.

Baccarat Crystal Animal Ornaments

Baccarat Crystal animals are beautifully designed and have a real cute factor about them. For many Baccarat collectors these are the starting pieces and it's easy to see why, especially if you're an animal lover.

Animal ornaments look so delightfully magical when made in crystal, especially when the light reflects from them and the different colours show. Baccarat crystal should always be displayed near a natural light source to get the full effect. If you're new to Baccarat Crystal, these pieces are a great starting point.

Baccarat Coloured Crystal Animal Ornaments

For something a little different, coloured crystal is a great choice. It still has all the light reflecting qualities of clear crystal but it's just a different take on the traditional version. These coloured crystal animals are a lovely addition to any collection a look great amongst the more traditional pieces.

These would make great gifts for anyone who loves crystal as they are quite unusual and eye catching. Coloured crystal is also great for teaming with interior colours and make bright statement pieces for around the home.

Baccarat Crystal Bowls

Baccarat Crystal bowls are decorative, streamlined and beautifully designed. They make stunning table centerpieces that gleam when the light catches them.

Handmade, these bowls are made with the highest quality craftmanship that the Baccarat Crystal range is world renowned for. A must for any serious collectors, or anyone wanting a decadent piece of crystal for the home.

For a more detailed look at the bowl designs, click the product links to the right.

Baccarat Crystal Vases

Baccarat vases are stylish and original in design. They have a contemporary edge to them that means that they look amazing on their own or with fresh flowers in them. Baccarat vases are real collectors items and you can see why. They also make great wedding gifts.

These vases look best with long stemmed elegant flowers that compliment their sleek designs. Flowers such as lilies would be best suited, though of course, any flowers could be used, it's just a matter of aesthetics. We are talking Baccarat vases after all!

Baccarat Paperweights

These truly are for Baccarat collectors who want some antique Baccarat pieces in their collections.

Baccarat paperweights are breathtaking. They are ornate in design, colourful and truly magnificent examples of Baccarat craftmanship. Any serious collector would definitely want an example of these early paperweights in their collection.

Baccarat paperweights are highly prized decorative items that make great display pieces. If you're a Baccarat paperweight collector, these pieces are sure to be a welcome addition to any established collection.


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