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Where Do You Put Your Lawn Equipment?

Updated on September 23, 2014

Why Store It?

Where or where do you keep your garden tools? A friend just leaves everything in a side yard - no cover, no organization - nothing! Can you believe that? Really, here you have hundreds even thousands of dollars invested in your tools, and you have no place for them to be stored out of harms way.

Let's think about a storage shed that is dedicated to storing and holding all of your yard tools. Having everything in one place gives you a place that you can secure and keep safe while not in use.

The lawn equipment that you keep in such a place will be protected from the elements year round. You know that your tools are expensive. They cost you hard earned money and making them last longer is one more benefit of storing them in a shed. Taking care of your tools makes sense, common or not. But really, making sure that your equipment and tools are stored away from the rain, snow and wind increases their lifetime of use, giving you better return on the use of your money. Now that is a practical approach.

Shed in Backyard

The long and short of it is, that a storage shed in your yard protects your equipment and gives you the space that is needed to store these important tools. Your back yard simply would not be the anywhere close to the same without the equipment that you use. Why keep tripping over the mower ? Your garage is overfilled as it is. You need a place for the tools; somewhere close to where you use them.

If you have enough area, why not get a storage shed that is large enough to hold the bicycles as well.

You know that you will love reclaiming the space in the garage. You will love having tools and equipment that you not have to recondition from exposure before every season. Get yourself a storage shed where your tools are protected and you do not have to worry about hitting them with your car.

Solid Wood Outdoor Tool Storage Sheds

This attractive spruce outdoor storage shed is really a storage solution. As seasons change, use it to stow garden tools and pool accessories...your push mower...even snow shovels, skis or rock salt during the winter. It will withstand harsh weather to keep your gear protected. Keep your yard neat and your tools safe

Not This Much Space?

Not everyone needs a hay barn but nearly everyone could use the extra space that is created by adding a garden shed. Do not keep making your life complicated; there are some simple solutions for tool storage.

If you cut grass, if you have a garden where you grow vegetables or flowers, you more than likely have a ton of tools and equipment. Simplify your life with a place that is dedicated to storing those things that you use in the garden.

Potting in a Shed

Potting Bench and Shed
Potting Bench and Shed

The shed can be a place for a potting bench, big or small. You can store bags of potting soil, grass seed, flower cuttings and empty pots. The bench will give you a place where you can prepare the soil for potting flowers and shrubs. Filling the pots you have for your patio and garden with store bought plants or ones grown by you.

Filling trays with soil and seeds in the Spring gives you a sense of reward as you watch the young shoots break through the top of the soil. Have a large window in the shed and you have yourself a partial green house.You and your children can wait together for the time when the young plants are large enough to be planted in pots or the garden. This garden shed can be a place of wonder, creating memories that will last a life time.

Solid Wood Potting Bench With Iron Mesh Work Surface

Potting Benches are a great tool that you will love how easy a bench makes repotting plants!

Shed for Hand Tools

The size of the storage shed depends on the space you have and the amount of tools that you want to store. A friend has a small shed in which he puts all the hand tools. There are the rakes for leaves and the heavy rakes for working with the soil. Shovel sizes are more varied than I had imagined. There are flat, long, short and rounded shovels as well as picks and several axes.

This is one of two sheds he has for the yard tools. The other shed has metal shelves to hold chain saws and long handled tree trimming saws. The small hand tools have their won rack.. One wall is set aside for the weed whips and other things you can hang. Oh, yes, there is plenty of space for the riding mower plus the walk behind one.

Lifetime 6433 11-by-11-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Windows

Here is just one choice for a backyard storage shed

Backyard Shed

Cabanas A Form of Storage Sheds as Well

Well, this is a different type of storage shed. It is one to store memories of backyard parties and rainy days. These are marvelous by themselves sitting with a beautiful patch of green all around or by the side of a swimming pool.

Put a game table inside with a wet bar and small refrigerator and you have yourself an outdoor party room. I would still like to be able to sit out here during a warm afternoon, drinking a lemon aid and reading a good book. I know you can take your Kindle anywhere but really, isn't nice to be able to physically turn the page time and again.

A cabana can be a room with a view for all to enjoy!

For All Kinds of Storage Sheds

You are invited to browse this web site, Storage Sheds for Sale to view many different uses for sheds.

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    • tricomanagement profile image

      tricomanagement 5 years ago

      @MegMurphy: makes life simpler and less cluttered that's for sure

    • profile image

      MegMurphy 5 years ago

      These are a must have as far as I am concerned

    • tricomanagement profile image

      tricomanagement 5 years ago

      @TolovajWordsmith: Although we have a building in the back that we call a barn - we still have a couple of sheds around. We keep hand tools for the garden close, My legs are getting tirer earlier in the day, these days!

      Thanks for your visit!

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

      The season is almost over here. Storage of our lawn equipment is something we should take seriously. Thanks for all the info!

    • tricomanagement profile image

      tricomanagement 5 years ago

      @livingfrontiers: livingfrontiers - yes they are a great addition to the home - thanks for your time and comment

    • profile image

      livingfrontiers 5 years ago

      A garden shed is such a great luxury! We bought our home with a nice big shed, and it is a wonderful place.

    • tricomanagement profile image

      tricomanagement 5 years ago

      @bushaex: I agree !

    • bushaex profile image

      Stephen Bush 5 years ago from Ohio

      You can never have enough of these!