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Batman Alarm Clock

Updated on December 1, 2014

Batman Clocks

Fans will appreciate these cool Batman alarm clocks! Who wants to wake up to a boring alarm, when you can enjoy the panache of a clock featuring the Caped Crusader!

Whether you love the most recent Batman movie, or you remain a fan of the original comic strip, you will find an alarm clock that will strike your fancy!

Batman fans are snapping these clocks up. This may be the most popular piece of Bat-gear on the market. We thought Batman undies were hot! But, never have we seen anything sell out as quickly as these time pieces!

If you want a Batman alarm clock, you are still very much in luck! But, be warned! These items go faster than the Batmobile and you will have to act accordingly if you want in on this Bat-action!

Featured alarm clock

Batman iPod/iPhone Dock and Clock-Radio

Batman fans will find this docking station a fun way to charge and play their Apple devices. Compatible with iPods and iPhones.

Warner Brothers Batman iPod Clock Radio Dock (50283C-IPH)
Warner Brothers Batman iPod Clock Radio Dock (50283C-IPH)

Clock/radio with docking station. Requires 2 AA batteries. AC powered.


Lego Kids Batman Alarm Clock

If you have a child who loves both Batman and Legos, this clock is the perfect gift!

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman 9005718 Kids Minifigure Light Up Alarm Clock | black/yelow | plastic | 9.5 inches tall | LCD display | boy girl | official
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman 9005718 Kids Minifigure Light Up Alarm Clock | black/yelow | plastic | 9.5 inches tall | LCD display | boy girl | official

This cool clock runs on batteries. The arms and legs really move. It is recommended for kids (or kids at heart) over 6 years of age, because it contains some small parts.


DC Comics Old Skool Batman Alarm Clock

Your Batman fan will appreciate the retro styling of this clock.

DC Comics Alarm Clock - 6-Inch, Batman
DC Comics Alarm Clock - 6-Inch, Batman

Unlike the original clocks in this style, this one runs on batteries. It does have the classic alarm sound, with a little hammer striking the bells on the top. It will definitely wake you up!


Mr. Freeze Alarm Clock - Batman & Robin

You will appreciate this clock whenever the power goes out! Needs no batteries. Just wind it up using the attached key. Will run for 36 hours.

Batman Alarm Clocks at eBay

Here is a very small sample of the Batman alarm clocks available for sale on eBay today. Hurry! They are going fast!

Would a Batman alarm clock motivate you to get out of bed better than a regular alarm clock?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      are these issues of robin part of the robin seeris that started in 1990 ? because of what i read in the latest issue of cbg magazine that the robin seeris was canceled i am trying to find out what the last issue was if it was truly canceled thank you. signed robert j troidl

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      December 28, 2012 8:03 pm by Szuter Basically I read these comics Image:Saga Walking Dead Thief of Thieves Are the main Image Comics I read also trinyg out Bedlam and Clone. Both seem to have interesting beginning and are at issue #2.MarvelCable and X-ForceAll New X-MenAvengers (trinyg out)Superior Spider-Man (will give it a shot)Uncanny X-Force (vol1 that just finished was great, hope volume 2 will be too)Avengers Arena (follows some characters from Avengers Academy in a Battle Royale type game to the death)Captain America (trinyg out first 2 issue was good, but its set in a alternative universe so they can get away with ton of bull shit Green Skull?)Deadpool (new series, is okay, never liked or paid much attention to his solo book, but deadpool vs zombie presidents at least sold me for a while)Think thats it for Marvel I think, probably pick up the new Wolverine book once it starts and Uncanny X-MEN at least the first few issues.DC.Swamp ThingAnimal ManAll the Before Watchmen booksAll Batman - Batman, Detective, Dark Knight, Batman Inc, Batman & RobinSupermanAction ComicsBatgirlJustice LeagueAquamanFlashNightwingG.I. Combat (they cancelled it)TalonWonder Woman - recently stoppedCatwoman - recently stoppedBatwoman - recently stoppedLooking forward to Scott Snyder & Jim Lee's Superman book starting sometime in 2013, probably near the release of the movie since I think they are calling the book Men of Steel.


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