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Best Coffee and End Table Sets

Updated on October 13, 2014

Coffee and End Table Sets

Choosing the best coffee and end table set for a living room can be one of the most difficult decisions to make when furnishing a home. These items tend to be central to the decor and function of the living space. In considering the best coffee and end table sets, one should determine how the furniture will function in the home. If you are interested in using your coffee table for storage, durability is one of the most important features to look for. Similarly, if youâre arranging a smaller space, your coffee and end table set should be compact or designed to store household items. If you have more room to work with, you can choose a set that is larger and more suited to your decor. Whether you are looking for design or functionality, or a balance between the two, your coffee and end table set should first accommodate the needs of your space, complement the other pieces of furniture and decor in your home, and remain in good condition through prolonged use.

Most of the sets available are rectangular and square in shape. However, there are a few options that differ from this standard. They are most commonly composed of wood. Consumers frequently purchase coffee and end table sets made of dark woods, such as cherry and walnut. Purchasing trends reveal that compact sets are the most popular. Similarly, most sets available are small in height in order to suit living rooms with large flat-screen televisions. The cost of such sets varies, though there are many affordable and higher-end options. The type of material it is made of often increases the price of the set. For example, a cherry set will usually be more expensive than a walnut set. Similarly, glass table sets are more costly than wood sets. Overall, there are many options available in terms of the design, composition, and function of your coffee and end tables. There are sets that are both ornate and functional. Others are more simple and apt for storage. The selections below are samples of such options available on Amazon, all highly rated with four or five stars, that will offer options for functionality, durability, and design.

Coaster Three Piece X Design Occasional Table Set

The coffee and end table sets has an X design at opposite ends of each piece. It presents a Cappuccino finish with solid wooden legs for added stability. There is a spacious shelf underneath each piece for storing plenty of books and magazines or larger items such as a vase or statue. It has a simple and stylish design that goes well with a contemporary or modern decor. It looks fantastic with its rectangular coffee table and squared end tables. It is made of heavy wood and has a smooth top on each piece. The legs are squared and it has straight lines with slightly curved edges that is better to have around children that could possibly hurt themselves on sharp edged furniture. The tables are easy to clean with a wood polish or soft cloth. They will shine and add elegance to any living room.

Cherry Finish Wood X Style Casual Coffee Table with 2 End Tables

The 3 Piece Kings Brand Cherry Finish Wood X Style Casual Coffee Table with 2 End Tables Occasional Set sold by Kings Brand Furniture features a design similar to that the tables produced by Coaster Home Furnishings. This model provides a number of benefits for coffee and end table sets. The design is a bit more ornate, with an "x" on the sides of each piece, for those looking to add some flare to their living space.

The coffee and end tables, all made of sturdy and beautiful cherry wood, feature a shelf perfect for storing your magazines, remotes, books, or decorative items. This set is priced moderately at around $135. It is ideal if you are in search of a set that provides some design to your home and storage for your belongings.

Poundex Three Piece Coffee Table Dark Cherry

This coffee and end tables go well with contemporary decor and has a brown finish with a cross design. There is some assembly needed that is not difficult to put together. It is a sturdy set and provides an expensive appearance with its cherry coloring. It has a 5mm beveled tempered glass on the top of each end table and two sets on the coffee table. There is a shelf under each of the three pieces to provide additional storage area for books, magazines, remote control and other small items. This coffee and end table sets a standard for contemporary pieces that enhance the appearance of other furniture in your living room with its nice polish, high quality material, and sturdiness.

Coffee Table and End Tables Set with a Marble Top

Poundex offers a similarly decorative option, while also providing storage. The 3 Piece Coffee Table and End Tables Set with a Marble Top is a much larger set than the previous selections as the coffee table is 46 in. wide and end tables as tall as 21 in. Each table's base is made of popular wood with a marble top. This marble top offers more space on the table for decoration and storage.

The coffee and end tables also features a lower shelf, creating even more storage space. This set is ideal for a spacious room. The dark wood and marble makes it stand out in a large space, also adding to the decorative appeal of your living room. Considering the size and material this set is made from, its cost, around $355, is a good deal. The durability promised by its wood and marble composition ensures that it will be in your home for years to come.

3 Piece Occasional Set

Another option available by Coaster Home Furnishings is the 3 Piece Occasional Set. This model combines many of those factors so desired by customers searching for coffee and end table sets. The tables are made of wood, finished in cappuccino, with glass-top insets framed by the wood of the base.

Each side of the tables are ornamented with the "x" design, though more rounded than the set by Kings Brand. These tables are also reasonably compact, but come with a lower shelf for storage or additional decor. This set will fit in any sized space nicely and provide you with many options for how to use these tables. The cost of the set, around $255, proves ideal in that it serves many purposes and satisfies many preferences.

Furniture Maxx Matrix Three in One Accent Table Set

You get a tubular and metal frame with this three piece set along with large rectangular temperature inset glass on the coffee table and squared glass for the end tables. The set goes well with contemporary and rustic decor with its black and brown textured finish. These pieces are easy to put together and take apart when moving to another place. The tables have sharp edges with soft curves of it metaled frame. The legs are unique with three curved metal frame and there are plastic guides at the bottom to help protect rugs or carpet. This set provides you with a great value of beauty and the ability to withstand plenty of abuse from children and adults. It is sold for an inexpensive price and will last a long time, providing elegance and artistic sculpture in your living room. This item is among the top ranked coffee and end table sets.

Choosing your Coffee Table Set

All of these options are well-rated and reviewed on Amazon. If you are in the market for coffee and end table sets, these selections may prove ideal or, perhaps, lead you to the best choice for you and your home.

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