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What is The Best Electric Fireplace For Your Home?

Updated on April 10, 2015

Top Rated Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for the best way to be provided with warmth during winter, you should definitely take a look at the Best Electric Fireplaces 2015. For sure, they will provide you with the right amount of heat that you will need to prevent chilling during the cold season.

The popularity of electric fireplaces can be attributed to the fact that they are very affordable. More and more people are considering them as a good addition to the different parts of their houses. Their size and modern design make them more popular, especially for homes with limited space.

If you are looking for a great electric fireplace, you will find that it is one thing that is not easy to find, since there are many options that are available in the market. By reading the rest of this article, you will be provided with insights on what is the best model to purchase.

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

The patented flame technology is perhaps one of the best things that users can find in the electric fireplaces that are made by Dimplex. It gives the flames a 3DF effect, which allows them to dance and look more realistic because of the depth.

Many of the people who have already used electric fireplaces from this brand have also liked the fact that it starts up easily. It comes with a highly functional remote control, which will allow the users to have it started, even if far from the unit.

At Amazon, you can find one of their cheapest models, which is below 100 dollars. This is a rare find and an opportunity that you should definitely not miss. In spite of the fact that it is very affordable, you can be assured that it is reliable, since the manufacturer does not sacrifice quality for price of the products that they sell.

Duraflame Power Fireplaces

One of the things that have satisfied many users of electric fireplaces from Duraflame is the fact that it operates without being too loud. Therefore, people are spared from the noise that is being created by other types of fireplaces, especially the ones that are conventional in design.

The convenience of its use is also a common feature that is being commended in many reviews. One of the things that make it convenient is the fact that it automatically shuts off when it reaches a specific temperature and powers on again when it drops to a certain level. It also has an auto timer.

Even in a room that is up to 400 square feet, the electric fireplaces from this brand can prove to be useful, as they are powered by 4,600 BTU. The logs are also realistic, as well as the light, making users feel that they have a real fireplace inside their house.

Lifesmart Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for a good way to provide sufficient heat inside your room, one of the options would be the electric fireplaces from Lifesmart. One of the good things about them would be the fact that you no longer need to engage in costly installation. You simply need to have it plugged, and it will work like normal fireplaces.

One of the major concerns when looking for an electric fireplace would be its safety. In the case of this brand, safety is always a priority of the manufacturer. Their electric fireplaces have UL certification, which is a proof to the claim that they are safe to heat up your room.

One of the electric fireplaces from Lifesmart is equipped with the capability to hold up to 60" TV. This is one of the best options if you are looking for an electric fireplace that is multi-functional. It will not just provide heat to your room, but it will also provide you with an elegant space that can act as a TV stand.

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

It is best to use wall mounted fireplaces if you would want to add a touch of sophistication to any room which you would want to be heated during the cold season. It will look just like a big picture frame that is attached on the wall; yet, you will find it very functional.

Another good thing about choosing wall mounted fireplaces, compared to those that are free-standing, would be the fact that they can save a lot of space. This is especially true in small spaces, such as in a condo unit or small room.

One of the models that can be taken into account would be that of Sahara from Dimplex, which offers a complete mix of elegance and functionality. When you have it hang on your wall, you will surely amaze all of your guests.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

There are also electric fireplace inserts that can be bought and can add warmth to your room. One of the good options in this category would be Dimplex electric fireplace insert. One of the benefits of such is that it has a steel construction, which will give you an assurance of its durability.

It is also a good thing that this electric fireplace insert from Dimplex is made from tempered glass. This is a good material basically because it makes sure that heat will not be felt, even when the glass is touched. This makes it an excellent option for houses with children who always like to play around and touch things.

Another good product that can be given consideration would be the Duraflame electric log set. For sure, any fireplace would not look complete without logs. This model has realistic looking logs, which will have the ability to heat up the entire room, with a size of up to 400 square feet.

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      Eugene Samuel Monaco 4 years ago from Lakewood New York

      Thanks for the review here, we keep talking about buying an electric fireplace but keep putting it off. Thanks again.