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Ready for the Best Hot Tub under $1000?

Updated on May 29, 2013

Looking for an affordable jacuzzi spa or hot tub?

If it's cold out and you're looking for something to help bring memories of summer with winter right around the corner, you may want to consider looking into getting a hot tub. Hot tubs also have many therapeutic benefits, no matter the time of year, so whether it's just for fun or to soothe your aching muscles, a spa can be a wonderful addition to your home - or RV!

Relax in style inside or outside your own home with a soothing hot tub "spa", and you'll be glad to know there are plenty of affordable ones for under $1000 available on the market today.

Quick Spa Portable Tub 110v

The quick spa is a fun, affordable, and very portable hot tub. If you live in an area where it's a good idea to bring mechanical things inside during the winter, or just travel a lot with your RV, the Quick Spa portable lives up to its name, light weight for a spa at only 48 lbs.

It plugs into any standard 110v circuit outlet, so no home upgrades are necessary. Its compact design fits perfectly in smaller spaces or on decks. This is a great little hot tub under $600.

Spa2Go 4-Person Spa

250 gallons of portable fun, this spa is self-inflating with the push of a button, and holds up to 250 gallons of water. Weighs about 60 lbs when empty, and includes an inflating blower and pump filter system. Fits up to four adults.

Includes 127 micro air jets for turbo-wave massaging, for your aching back, and cushioned seating all around makes it easy to lounge anywhere around the tub comfortably.

Spa2Go 4 - person Spa
Spa2Go 4 - person Spa

1000w heater heats it up to 104 degrees fahrenheit, and it comes with an insulating, fitted thermal cover. 110v plug means no upgrades to your house or RV necessary.

Tear-resistant K80 vinyl, approximately 78" in diameter (outside) and 28" high.


Swim Time NP5868 Serenity Inflatable Spa

The Serenity Inflatable Spa is another light weight, portable model, ideal for taking your relaxation seriously while on vacation or at home. It holds up to four adults easily, and 211 gallons of crisp, clean water.

Made of 40 gauge PVC vinyl and 19 gauge cloth, and comes with a zip-up cover that includes a lock - perfect for keeping the heat in, but your children safe when you can't monitor their interaction with the hot tub!

Spa-N-A-Box 6' Portable Spa

A little bit larger than the others, this model has an empty shipping weight at 90 lbs and is still fairly portable. It brags a 20 minute setup time with its inflator pump, no tools necessary, and no special wiring or plumbing needed.

Its heater is controlled by a thermostat with freeze protection, so don't be too afraid if you forget to bring it inside during the first snow of the year.

Ready to start shopping?

So you have seen some of the best portable hot tubs for the money! Knowing what your needs are is important, but for relaxing and enjoying the summer parties on the patio, any one of these is an awesome buy. Check out more affordable hot tubs and spas here

Still looking for more inexpensive hot tubs under 1000 dollars for 2013? - Check these out or browse using the search box!

I'd love to hear from you! Are you buying a hot tub spa this year? - Let us know if you liked our lens today. Thanks for dropping by!

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      Dj varner 10 months ago

      Looking at the blow up hot tubs for a disable woman for under 1000