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Southern Homes Multi-Catch is the Best Humane Mouse Trap Everrrr!

Updated on September 5, 2014

Dealing with mice in your house is a common problem in rural areas. Our house backs up to a wetlands habitat that is home to all sorts of critters. In the winter smaller critters such as mice find comfort in a nice warm house. In our house my seven year old daughter provides more than enough crumbs in the living room for the mice to snack on.

I didn't exactly want to expose my daughter to the reality of a conventional mouse trap so instead I chose to use a humane mouse trap with a "catch and release" program. I release the mice back into their natural habitat.

After looking on Amazon I settled on the Southern Homewares Multi-Catch Clear Top Humane Repeater Mouse Trap. While the reviews were not stellar the majority of people gave it a good review.

The trap really is quite ingenious, it has two openings to allow the mouse to go into the trap and uses a teeter-totter like mechanism to make sure they cannot leave. The enclosure is made out of sturdy metal and there are plenty of air holes so your "guest" does not suffocate. The clear plastic window on the lid allows you to see if you caught a mouse. The trap is easy to clean and reusable, after successful mousing I remove the mouse feces, rinse the trap, thoroughly dry it, then place new bait, it is now ready to go!

The secret is to know what your little mouse guest has a hankering for, I found a half eaten malted milk ball so that is what I used to bait the trap. Also, it is important to place the trap close to the wall in an area of frequent mouse activity. The first evening I set the trap out in our living room and in the morning we caught our very first mouse. Check the trap often if you place it in areas that are subject to cold temperatures as you don't want the mouse to die of exposure.

If you are not catching any mice and there still is evidence of infestation try changing your bait. After our mice got tired of malted milk balls I switched to a dollop of peanut butter and was back in business catching mice.

I give this humane trap a two thumbs up!

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Our first mouse guest!

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Our first mouse guest.The malted milk ball was a favorite of our mice!
Our first mouse guest.
Our first mouse guest.
The malted milk ball was a favorite of our mice!
The malted milk ball was a favorite of our mice!


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    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      4 years ago from USA

      What a good dad. Of course you left out milk for them. Have you ever tried eating PB without it ? :)

    • Craftypicks profile image

      Lori Green 

      4 years ago from Las Vegas

      I have had two experiences with death traps. I didn't set them. I just came across them and I am still sick to this day. I can't imagine not using a live catch trap. They are God's creatures. Thank you for putting the word out about this trap.


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