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Best Can & Jar Openers for Arthritis

Updated on March 21, 2014

Best Jar & Can Openers for People with Arthritis ~ 2014

Opening a jar or can with arthritis can be a painful event you want to save for later but with these openers for people with arthritis (like me) you can know that the waiting game is over.

With so many jar and can openers on the market how do you know which is best for arthritis--one that won't cause more pain than we already suffer? There are several considerations for choosing which opener is best for where your arthritis is on your hands, arms and/or shoulders, as there are so many painful pressure points to contend with just opening a can or jar.

I'll show you several models of the best jar and can openers for people with arthritis, based on my own experience with RA, its pain, imitations and pressure points.

Don't let pain get in your way or cause you to give up on your favorite activities in the kitchen and beyond. Rest assured, there are plenty of tools to keep you indulging in your passions.

Let's get started!

Image credit: The Black & Decker Lids Off Open it All Center electric jar, bottle and can opener shown here is available below.

Black & Decker JW400 Lids Off Open-It-All Center
Black & Decker JW400 Lids Off Open-It-All Center

My Personal #1 Pick for Electric Can/Jar Openers for Arthritis:

Black & Decker Lids Off Open-It-All Center

You might consider this electric can and jar opener by Black & Decker the 'Cadillac' of openers for people with arthritis!

This do-it-all gadget has so many features, you won't mind the imposition on your countertop one bit. It does a nice job of opening the most stubborn of jars--even the vacuum sealed varieties, to boot.

If you've severe arthritis in your hands, fingers, elbows and/or shoulders this opener feature is for you. But note that this opener won't open those super tall jars. There's one problem I do see with using the jar opener, though. Unlike the portable models, you'll need to place the jar inside the unit. This can be a problem if you can't pick the jar up with one hand. Taking out the jar can be tricky as well. So, us people with arthritis in our fingers may have to go the portable jar opener route below.

Now, for the can opener: It's much like a regular appliance. Its only perk is the can opener is housed in the one unit with the jar opener, so it's great for small kitchens. Too, this unit won't open tall cans like those budget-sized canned goods. You'll have to have the dexterity in your hands to hold the can and place it up and onto the blade.

Another bonus is the bottle cap opener and if you have a hard time holding a bottle opener and the bottle. I have the hardest time ever, so this feature is a real boon!

There's plenty of great reviews from arthritis sufferers of all ages, so that's quite a testament to this can and bottle opener's usefulness.

Click on the image to see more info.

Limitations: Painful elbows, wrists or shoulders might prevent the jar or can from realizing proper seating. And range of motion in wrists can make things doubly painful. My fingers don't open fully, so if you have this same ROM issues as I do, you'll need to explore the other models, below.

Best Electric Jar Opener for Arthritis: Black & Decker Lids Off Electric Jar Opener

Best Jar Opener for People with Arthritis: Black & Decker Home Lids Off Jar Opener Plus

Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Jw275
Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Jw275
I love the idea of having a jar opener at the ready on my counter. There's no batteries required, just plug and go. These Lids Off jar openers by Black & Decker have great ratings by people with the most terrible of arthritis in their wrists and hands. There is one concern or those of us with fingers that can't grasp a jar; you'll have to cradle it up and inside the unit and then retrieve it. I do like the handle on the top for adjusting the jar opener's height. I'm not able to use the newer version (shown on the left, here) without the handle for this reason. If you have use and nearly full range of motion in your fingers, these jar openers by Black & Decker are quite the boon in the kitchen! Limitations: These models are very much the same as the deluxe opener above, so you'll need to check the units below if you have the ROM issues I mentioned above.

ROM = Range of Motion

This term refers to a limb's extension based on the movement of a joint when fully extended. The resulting measurements taken are recorded in a medical journal or file. Many arthritis sufferers have moderate to severe limitations when asked to extend their joints.

My #1 Pick for Best Portable Electric Can Opener for People with Arthritis

One Touch Opener for Super Tall Cans by Kitchen C.C.

This one-touch, battery operated (takes two AA batteries) portable can opener is ideal for people with even the most severe arthritis. I like the narrow design, so hands with fingers like mine that don't open fully, can grasp the opener and simply place it atop any of those stubborn vacuum sealed jars. It's also ideal for any size can, like the super tall bean cans and the chunky, fat tomato sauce and restaurant-size cans.

Too, I can bring the can to any flat surface where it's more comfortable to use. This benefit helps me most, as every day is different with ROM and pain. For super-painful shoulders, take the can to a lower surface; it really helps!

The jar opener is a bit on the slow side but so am I! You may have to depress the button a few seconds so the jar opener can get a secure hold and VIOLA! it's open 'says me!'

Another helpful design perk is the easy-open, slide out battery drawer. I have the worst time with battery compartments, so this is good news to people with arthritis in their fingers.

All in all, this nifty electric jar opener boasts so many good reviews, the price is very reasonable and you'll appreciate having it on those flare-up days. Click on the image for all the details and reviews from Amazon.

Limitations: When fingers fail to extend fully, it can be a problem using this opener but I have 'grossly' deformed fingers (as defined in my medical chart) and can still use this opener fairly well.

Best Portable Electric Battery Operated Jar Opener for Arthritis: Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener 4-Star Rating Under $15

Best Portable Battery Operated Jar Opener for Arthritis: As Seen on TV OneTouch Hand Held Jar Opener 4-Star Rating for Under $25

I'm a big fan of these battery powered (take 2 AA batteries) portable jar openers for their ease of operation. Since my hands and fingers have very limited range of motion, I'm not able to handle jars with the dexterity needed for the countertop jar openers.

These jar openers are set on top of the jar and by the push of a button--or two--and you have an open jar! I chose these two models for heir small size and the fact I won't have to keep depressing the button during the operation. Too, because my hand don't open fully, all I have to do is grab the opener by the 'claws' instead of the 'regular way'.

I like the one-button version the most for its one-step-less function. There's a very nice review with a video on the image link, here that's quite impressive, showing the TV model's full operation. Like all the jar openers, these are a bit slow but there's plenty I can occupy myself with for the several seconds it takes to complete the full rotation.

Neither jar opener is heavy and the batteries free the unit for use anywhere you go. I can pack mine if I'm cooking elsewhere during the holidays. I love the freedom portable jar and can openers promise. .

Zyliss Easican Electric Can Opener
Zyliss Easican Electric Can Opener

My #1 Pick for Best Electric Can Opener for People with Arthritis

Zyliss EasiCan Electric One Touch Can Opener by Zyliss

I love this can opener! This battery-operated (takes two AA batteries) one-touch can opener by Zyliss is for anyone with any degree of arthritis, from mild to severe. So, it's for all of us!

The ease of operation in using this can opener is why I chose this can opener over the others I've featured, here. You'll merely set the opener atop of the can, press the button once (the button is extremely easy to push; even the most painful arthritic hands, wrists, elbows and/or shoulders can manage this gadget. Because the button doesn't need to be to be depressed while in operation, which I can appreciate.

The can opener whirls on its own while in operation, taking the smooth-edged can lid with it, as there's a magnet that lifts the can's top. Note: this can opener takes the whole lid off, leaving a sharp-edged can, so be careful handling the can. You won't be able to use one of those plastic replacement lids (like for cat food and that ilk), so bear this in mind.

I like the idea of merely laying the can opener on top of the can, pushing one, very sensitive button and having it turn off automatically without having to do anything else! Just click the image, here to see all the details from Amazon.

One Touch Battery Operated Hand's Free Can Openers for People with Arthritis: by JML

Battery Operated Can Openers for People with Arthritis: Gourmet Trends Handy Can Opener

Rechargeable Battery Operated Can Openers for Arthritis: Gizmo by Black & Decker

Handy Can Opener Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener
Handy Can Opener Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener
Like the can opener above, these battery operated models work in much the same way although they don't enjoy the same highest of ratings that the Zyliss can opener does. I noticed while looking at the ratings from these handy can openers that there's a wide discrepancy in customers' viewpoints. It seems it's either, "Oh, I just love this can opener!" or, "I am not happy at all." But I have to say that the good reviews tended to have a more indepth account of the users' experiences. I tend to hang onto those that take the time to be thorough, so I'll give my approval on these handy gadgets. As I mentioned, these one tough can openers are good for us arthritis sufferers who have difficulty picking up cans, let alone set them inside the countertop models. Just sit and spin (the can opener, not you, of course!). I like the set of two on the left, here, as it's a great buy and you can gift one to a fellow arthritis sufferer. How neat is that?
Best Under Counter & Counter Jar Openers for People with Athritis
Best Under Counter & Counter Jar Openers for People with Athritis

My #1 Pick for Best Under Counter Jar Opener for Arthritis Sufferers

Under-Counter Jar Opener by Zim

I had this under counter jar opener and I absolutely loved it! Because this jar opener is affixed under the counter, it's always there in that one spot! I'm forever looking through drawers trying to guess which of my sons put what where. I know that sounds complicated but trying to find any gadget is always hard!

Back to jar openers: You'll love this jar opener every bit as much as I did if you have dexterity and stability in: a) your elbows and wrists (you'll need to twist the jar) b) strength in your fingers. Pain can interfere with gripping and you'll need to grab the jar c) range of motion in your shoulders for lifting the jar to the opener.

The good news is this under counter jar opener includes a wall opener! So, if you can't lift the jar, you can affix this one to anywhere that's handy and accessible to your range of motion. Just be sure your liquid won't spill at the angle you place it.

I used my jar opener for years until my arthritis progressed and prevented me from using it. But my boys can use it, so all is not lost.

Well worth the investment; it's super cheap, durable and very reliable--like an old friend (minus the cheap)!

Click on the image to see all its perks.

Best Under Counter Jar Openers for People with Arthritis: Super Cheap Under $11 by UnSkru

Best Under Counter Jar Openers for People with Arthritis: Super Cheap Under $6 by Fox Run

EZ Off Jar Opener for Weak Hands - Under Cabinet, Easy Grip, One Handed Jar & Bottle Opener - Removes Tight Jar Lid for Seniors with Arthritis - Essential Kitchen Gadgets for Home Assistance - White
EZ Off Jar Opener for Weak Hands - Under Cabinet, Easy Grip, One Handed Jar & Bottle Opener - Removes Tight Jar Lid for Seniors with Arthritis - Essential Kitchen Gadgets for Home Assistance - White
Much Like the jar opener set above, these models will do the job nicely as well. It's just a matter of how much you want to invest--especially if you're on a fixed income. Some things to consider: If you tend to open small jars, look for the tightest "V" where you can scoot your jar to the opener's back; the narrower the V point, the smaller the jar it will open. You dont have to affix the jar openers to a cabinet--especially if you have a hard time lifting. Consider affixing the jar opener to the underside of a shelf, work island or table, wherever it's easiest for you. For their economical price, these under counter jar openers are well worth trying out.

A Note from Me to You

It's very important to keep using what range of motion and strength you have. I can't think of a more pertinent subject --arthritis--where the adage,"Use it or Lose It" means more to our well being. Keep using your joints and resist the urge to give into something just because it's painful. It's okay to give in on super bad days but keep in mind that you'll be 'back at it' tomorrow. If you can 'do it' at all, do it, lest you lose the ability--forever. And that's an awfully long time.

Where is your most painful joint?

See results

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